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From the CPA Archives

Here you’ll find videos and interviews from the long history of the Center for Photographic Art.

From 2001 through 2007, Jim Kasson conducted a number of interviews of photographers and others who influence the field of fine art photography. We have linked to some of those interviews below.

David Bayles

David Bayles is a photographer, conservationist, workshop leader, and the co-author of Art and Fear, one of the best-selling books on the process of creating art. Jim Kasson Interviewed David… More

Philip Brookman

August 2004 Philip Brookman is Senior Curator of Photography and Media Arts at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC. He is a writer, editor, filmmaker, and photographer. He graduated… More

John Paul Caponigro

June 2006 John Paul Caponigro has a background in painting which informs his chemical and digital photography. His work resides in numerous private and public collections. An authority on digital… More

Brad Cole

August 2006 For more than two decades, Brad Cole has used a cinematic and musical visual vocabulary to address the mystery of human presence, producing exquisite silver prints, films, and… More

A. D. Coleman April 2003 A. D. Coleman, photography critic and lecturer, has published numerous books, including The Grotesque in Photography, Light Readings,Tarnished Silver, Depth of Field, and The Digital Evolution. His collection of essays, Critical Focus, received… MoreLinda Connor 

February 2004  Linda Connor has been teaching at the San Francisco Art Institute since 1969. She received a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and a MS from… More

Mac Holbert

September 2004 Mac Holbert is a founder of and partner in Nash Editions, the first and one of the best fine-art digital printmakers in the country. He is also a… More

Stephen Johnson

May 2004 Stephen Johnson is a photographer, designer and teacher. His photography explores the concerns of a landscape artist working in an increasingly industrialized world. His work has also concentrated… More

Michael Katakis 
November 2003 Michael Katakis has been writing and photographing diverse cultures and places for 25 years. His photographs of China were exhibited at the Smithsonian. There are two books devoted… More
Michael Kenna December 2001 Jim Kasson interviewed Michael Kenna at his home in San Francisco. JK: Tell me about the new book. MK: It’s called Easter Island and is published by Nazraeli Press. A… More

Arthur Ollman

September 2005 Arthur Ollman is the Director of the Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego. Jim Kasson interviewed Arthur when he was in Carmel to judge the Center Awards.… More

Ted Orland 

February 2003 Jim Kasson interviewed Ted Orland at Ted’s studio in Santa Cruz, California. JK: How’d you get started in photography? TO: I started in the school of architecture at University of… More

John Sexton February 2002 Jim Kasson interviewed John Sexton in February during a long walk in the upper Carmel Valley. JK: Your latest book is overtly thematic. Much of your earlier work could… More

Karen Sinsheimer

March 2007 Karen Sinsheimer is the Curator of Photography at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art (SBMA). Jim Kasson interviewed her at the Museum. JK:How’d you get into this business?… More

Jerry Takigawa

December 2006 Jerry Takigawa received a BA in art with an emphasis in painting from San Francisco State in 1967. He studied photography with Don Worth. In 1969 he started… More

Brian Taylor

March 2006 Brian Taylor is a professor of Art and Design in the Photography program of California State University, San Jose. He is President of the Board of the CPA,… More

Arthur Tress 

April 2002 In a career extending from the mid-1950s to the present, Arthur Tress has created an extensive, rich, and wide-ranging body of work.  Initially Tress worked in a documentary,… More

Al Weber 

August 2003 For more than 40 years, Al Weber has been a successful commercial photographer, a respected artist, and one of the most revered educators in photography. Jim Kasson interviewed… More

Jack Welpott

September 2007 Living on the West Coast, but neither geographically or stylistically completely of the West Coast, Jack Welpott has produced a widely-ranging body of personal work. For almost fifty years he has exerted… More

Kim Weston 

August 2002 Kim Weston, Cole Weston’s son and Edward Weston’s grandson, creates exquisitely choreographed and emotionally complex studio nudes. Jim Kasson interviewed Kim in his Wildcat Hill home, once Edward… More

Huntington Witherill 

August 2001 Huntington Witherill’s new book, Botanical Dances, is being published by Lenswork Publishing. The book costs $65, and may be ordered from Lenswork Publishing at Jim Kasson spoke with Hunter in his… More

Don Worth 

November 2002 Jim Kasson interviewed Don Worth at his home in Mill Valley, CA. JK: You were a musician before becoming a photographer? DW: Yes, I was able to read music and… More

Al Weber, juror for the 2009 International Juried Exhibition at The Center for Photographic Art, on the opening of that exhibit. Introduction by David Bayles. View the video.

Jerry Takigawa and Bob Sadler reflect on the PIE Labs, an upcoming series of workshops for the development of authentic expression.
2014 PIE LABS (Photography+Ideas+Experience) View the video.

Between the Shadows  Photographs by Susan Burnstine and Traer Scott

Curator: Brigitte Carnochan –  View the video.

Photographs by Traer Scott –  View the video.

Photographs by Susan Burnstine –  View the video.

Center For Photographic Art brought back our popular Members’ Nights program in 2012. The first gathering was on Thursday evening, February 2nd.  View the video.

Two-Day Video Boot Camp workshop participants filmed a video for CPA with volunteer talent, Jeannie Marino. Workshop instructor, Richard Newman, guided the participants as they filmed. This workshop created a video about CPA. They had a great time telling the CPA story!! View the video.

Cameraless imagery with Kim Kauffman  –  Kim Kauffman will demonstrate via a slide presentation the cameraless image capture and photo-collage processes that she uses to create her Illumitones images. She’ll also discuss the history of cameraless imagery and collage from the birth of photography to the present.

Part 1 –  View the video.

Part 2 –  View the video.

Part 3-  View the video.

Illumitones: Exploration in Abstraction  –  Kim Kauffman describes her ongoing exploration of abstraction through a selection of work from the 1970’s to her current body of work, Illumitones. She’ll also show examples of other photographers’ abstract work throughout the history of photography, addressing the place for abstraction in an inherently descriptive medium.

Part 1 – View the video.

Part 2  – View the video.

Part 3 –  View the video.

Charles Cramer gives a tour of his exhibition at the Center for Photographic Art. He discusses some of his favorite subject matter, including trees, rocks, and water. He also illustrates how the colorful water reflections are captured. A slideshow at the end is accompanied by a Scarlatti piano sonata, played by Cramer. View the video.

An excerpt from Charles Cramer’s Lecture and Opening at the Center for Photographic Art in Carmel, CA. His talk was entertaining and informative- he drew parallels between interpretations: a musical score by the musician and a photo capture by the print maker. Thanks to Bill Atkinson for the videography, and to Karl Kroeber for the images of Charles Cramer in the darkroom.  View the video.