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September 22, 23, 24
PIE = Photography + Ideas + Experience
An artistic development retreat for all media
Sunset Center, Carmel CA

“The Artist is no other than he who unlearns what he has learned, in order to know himself”
—E.E. Cummings

Evolving as Artists

We live in an era when the future of fine art photography is wide open. We believe that as artists, what we learn travels from our heads to our hearts through our hands and is revealed in our art. Are you ready to explore new concepts that could lead to new insights that transform your art? The path to innovation does not follow a straight line. Creative breakthroughs happen when we allow space to look at ourselves and become immersed in diverse ideas. PIE Labs provides the time and space to engage with compelling mentors and their inspiring ideas. At the PIE Labs we don’t want to give you new crayons with which to color. We want to give you new motivation to color!

Why PIE?

1. Engage in the freedom of taking creative risks.
2. Explore your artistic purpose.
3. Consider your personal story and how best to express it.
4. Combine photography with different media in pursuit of new meaning.
5. Think differently about how you see.
6. Join a creative family and enjoy exceptional pie!

“I came away with enough ideas to last multiple lifetimes.” —2016 PIE Tech! Participant

2017 PIE Labs Daily Schedule






2017 PIE Labs Facilitators


Personal Growth = Artistic Growth

Photography is Autobiographical

Another way to say that is, all photographs are “self-portraits.” The artist consciously or intuitively decides to make an image. Without the artist’s intent—her vision, her knowing, her feeling—she risks being relegated to irrelevant tripod status. We thrive on work that exhibits courage and vulnerability—artists willing to take a risk to say something important and personal. They not only reflect and interpret life, they also inform and shape it. They help bring attention to different ways of seeing and understanding. Photography is the art medium of the 21st century and we rely on its special perspective more than ever. When we see freedom in someone’s work, we become a little more open; when we see intelligence in someone’s work, we become a little smarter; and when we see vulnerability in someone’s work, we become more human. At CPA, we aim to deliver programs that foster these ideals and support artists in making their best and most important work.

Form & Content

Form gives shape to content. Through form photographers can learn to take advantage of the
tools, techniques and markets available to all artists. Our spring PIE Tech! is about looking outside at the intersection of art and science, expanding your literacy of tools and techniques that can shape your story. On the other hand, content originates from your authentic voice. The fall PIE Labs are about looking inside to elevate your authenticity and heighten your inherent creativity, thereby supporting work that only you can make.

A mastery of technique falls short without creativity, but when authenticity combines with mastery, meaningful art emerges. We invite you to join us at the 2016 PIE Labs to explore the role “self” plays in re-examining photography’s traditional paradigm while working to strengthen the creative content imperative to today’s artists.

Jerry Takigawa
PIE Maker

PIE Labs 2017 Registration

Space is limited! We encourage early registration to guarantee your place at PIE Labs 2017. Registration fee includes catered buffet lunches by Michael’s Catering and Wild Thyme Deli, Saturday pizza and salad dinner and, of course, ample slices of Gizdich Ranch pie.

All events and activities are subject to change without notice

“Thank you for providing such a fabulous weekend. I am so honored to be guided by insightful, intelligent and such creative people who did not hold back on “secrets” of the creative process.”
—2015 PIE Labs Participant