Jodie Hulden

San Diego, CA
Artist's Website

Jodie Hulden is a California-based artist whose contemplative photography focuses on the natural landscape. Jodie has a degree in art from San Diego State University where she worked primarily in textiles and artist books. She began her exploration of black and white photography in the 1970s with film and transitioned to digital photography in 2001. After retiring from a teaching career she has been able to devote most of her time to photography. She has studied with Carlan Tapp in Santa Fe and Michael Frye in Yosemite. In 2013 she completed a year-long photography mentorship with George DeWolfe. She has won numerous awards and has exhibited her prints throughout California.

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Artist's Statement

I have always regarded my photography as “visual haiku” because of its poetic and contemplative quality. I would place my art in the “explorer-romantic” tradition, which might include artists such as Ansel Adams, Edward Weston and John Sexton. With my photography I want to capture the stillness and singular awareness that we all experience before natural beauty – when beauty, grand or intimate, crosses our path. For me all thought of self disappears in those instances and a wonderful stillness descends. I want to pay homage to those moments on the path when the universe offers us something that makes us stop on the path. And I hope my photographs can evoke those feelings in people who view them. I love all aspects of photography: being in wild places, making photographs, post-processing and especially crafting the fine print, when the photograph becomes a delicious visual and tactile object. I usually make prints that are relatively small because I feel that small prints create an intimacy with the viewer akin to a private conversation with a good friend.