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Our new membership features!

Click here for the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions.)

Dear Friends!  CPA has at long-last implemented a new and modern membership format, and will be continually adding new features exclusively for members only.

Like all the other sites you’re already familiar with, you’ll have your own account with a user name and password. Your sustaining membership is just like PBS, and will automatically renew, so you are now free from endless reminders. Please see the additional information about your new account. And, you will have full control of your account and billing. You can even (horrors!) cancel it without having to call the office. 

You will have special discounts on CPA products and workshops. Now members can now purchase images from our limited special-edition Fine Print Program… and at a discount! 

Some features of the website now require membership to access, such as interviews and videos. New special features for members will be added in the near future.

These new, exciting and convenient features have been a long time coming, and we are delighted to have you along on our new website!

We need your help, please.

Sustaining memberships will automatically renew each year. You will receive an email a month before that happens, (and another a week before) just as a friendly reminder. These are just courtesy notifications, and do not require you to do anything. On the other hand, if you disagree with the sustaining arrangement, then simply wait for the reminder email, and log in to your account and cancel it at that time. If you wish to renew, then simply ignore the reminder email, and your renewal will be processed automatically.

Note! We need your help with a first-time issue or two: our initial import of your membership information to the new system creates a one-time issue with automatic renewals. For your safety, we do not keep your credit-card information, and so when you get your renewal email this one time only, please log in and provide your card information.

And, for your account safety and privacy, please immediately visit your new account and enter a new password. Finally, while you are there, please verify your mailing address!

With your cooperation, we will soon be “off to the races!”



How do I get my discounts? 2017-08-14T18:03:29+00:00

You must be logged in to see and get member discounts. Most discounts appear automatically on the page, showing both the non-member price (with a line through it) and your member’s discounted price. Other  than logging in, there is nothing special you need to do. The discount will be applied during checkout.

Sometimes, the discount is in the form of a coupon or code. In that case, you’ll find that listed as a separate entry in the “Members-only” menu (the one you used to get here.) Note: you must be logged in to access that as well.

After you have logged in, and unless you explicitly log out, your web-browser will likely remember that you are logged in, and you need do nothing more than simply visit the site, and your browser will remember the state. (This is a function of your own browser settings on your computer or phone, and is nothing over which we have any control.)


How do I change my phone number, etc? 2017-07-16T16:42:48+00:00

To change your account information, such as address, phone number and so on, log into “my account” and click on “Addresses”. Under the resulting “Billing address” click on the “edit” button and select the field you want to change.

Can I upgrade my account to a different level? 2017-08-11T13:04:39+00:00

Yes, indeed. You can change your account, upgrade or downgrade, and you will be credited with the amount you have already paid.

Here’s how to do it:

Log into your account, and click on “Subscriptions”.
Next to your subscription listing, click on “View”
Scroll down to “Subscription Totals” and click on “Upgrade or downgrade.”

That takes you to the regular signup page, BUT when you select your new membership level, and click on “Continue”,  the payment due will be adjusted to reflect a deduction of the amount you have already paid.

So if going from senior to MP, for example, you would see $150 – $ 40, with a  total due of $110 (instead of $ 150.)


Why isn’t my email address recognized? 2017-06-27T07:47:51+00:00

There are two reasons the system might not recognize your email address:

  1. The one you entered is not the one we have on file for you. If necessary, please email us, and we’ll look it up for you.
  2. Your membership was expired when we transitioned to the new system, and so your membership was not included in the new database. If this is the case, simply join again, and a new record will be created. This is a one-time-only thing, and once you’re in the new system, everything should “just work.” 
How do I change my payment method, or cancel? 2017-06-22T19:36:02+00:00

Sustaining members are in control of their own account. You may change your payment information or cancel your membership. 

To do either, you must log into your account first.

Then select “Subscriptions” from the column on the left.

In the resulting screen on the right, find the subscription you want to alter, and click on “View>>” at the right end of the listing.

In the resulting screen, you’ll see the subscription information, and about 4 lines down “Actions” you can take on the account.

Click on the one you want to use, and follow the instructions.

What is a sustaining membership? 2017-06-25T12:14:45+00:00

Sustaining memberships are just like your membership with Public Television or NPR: they automatically renew each year.No more accidentally lapsed memberships; no more logging in to renew*; no more missed reminders. As a friendly memory jog, you will receive an email a month before the automatic renewal, but these are just courtesy notifications, and do not require you to do anything. (On the other hand, if you disagree with the sustaining arrangement, then just simply wait for the reminder email, and log in to your account and cancel it at that time.) If you wish to renew, all you have to do is nothing;  simply ignore the reminder email, and your renewal will be processed automatically.

*Well… with one exception, and that’s your next renewal. Here’s why: for your security, we do not keep your credit card number on file, (and that’s why for all the previous years, you had to remember to renew manually.) And since we didn’t keep it, we cannot set up an automatic renewal until you provide it again, in the first order you place on our new system: your next renewal. (That tells the card processor that you have a sustaining membership.)

So, when your membership comes around the next time (and only the next time) we will send out the usual reminder email, and ask you to log in and renew. From then on, everything will be automatic.


How do I change/create/find my password? 2017-07-17T12:15:06+00:00

If you know your current password, and want to change it, just log into “My Account” and click on “Account details” and fill in your previous and your new password.

If you have lost or cannot remember your password, go ahead and try to log into “My Account” (not “Log in/out”)  and on the log-in screen, look for “Lost your password?”  Click on that phrase, and enter your email address. It MUST be the same email address you used when you signed up.*

You will be emailed a special link that will allow you to put in a new password. Please record it somewhere.

The system will hint that 12 characters is best, but anything that rises above “Weak” to “Medium” or higher will do, regardless of the number of characters. It is possible to have a medium strength password of 8 characters or less.

Because web-browsers can remember your password for you, or you can use a password manager, there is no need to memorize your password, and you can make it as strong as you like. We recommend password managers not just for the CPA, but for your own safety, because they allow you to easily have different passwords for each account (like your bank, credit card company, CPA and so on) and they will automatically insert them for you. No need to remember anything! Two excellent choices for Mac or PC are  1Password or LastPass.

Finally, “Can’t I have my old password back?” Nope – it would not be much of a secret password if we had it, would it? We do not know your password and we cannot get it. You’ll have come up with a new one. This is for your security. 

*(If you cannot remember your email address, you’ll have to contact the office for help.) 


How do I access my account? 2017-06-25T12:17:25+00:00

All member information is under the “HOME” menu item. 

To access your account, choose “My Account” from the home menu. If you are not logged in, you will be asked for your name (or email) and password associated with your account.

How do I log in or out? 2017-06-25T12:19:14+00:00

All member information is under the “HOME” menu item. 

To log in, select “Log In” and to log out, choose “Log Out”.

Log In takes you to a page that acknowledges your successful log in.

Log Out returns you to the log in page for your account. Simply choose a new page from the site menu to continue while logged out.

(You can also log out from your account page.)