Chris Gordon

Chris Gordon

Chris Gordon began making photographs after receiving a Kodak Instamatic for her 8th birthday. As a teen she acquired a 35mm Canon and spent many hours in the darkroom throughout high school and college. Years later, before her first trip to Kenya, she switched to the digital format and now uses a Nikon.

Chris has travelled and photographed in several countries in Africa, as well as South America, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

She particularly enjoys the challenge of African wildlife photography; anything (or nothing!) can happen on any given day. There are no guarantees – which makes a sighting, and a captured photograph, all the more special. Other favorite subjects are cityscapes and landscapes.

Proceeds from the sale of her photographs go toward those in need in the areas she has visited, including: women farmers in Kenya, a children’s hospital in Uganda, refugee girls and orphaned schoolchildren in Nairobi, and those fighting to save elephants from poachers in East Africa.

Artist’s Statement

“Composing a photograph, for me, is the ultimate state of flow. Whether in my backyard or across the globe, when everything falls into place in the frame, it’s magical. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to see such diverse parts of the world. Meeting interesting people and establishing relationships is a valuable experience.

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