Frances Melhop

Frances Melhop


Voted “One of the Worlds 200 Best Advertising Photographers 2009/2010” by Luerzers Archive.

Frances was based in Sydney Australia 1989-1999, and Milan, Italy 2000-2010, she is well known in Europe and the South Pacific as a creator of extraordinary and unique imagery in the fashion / advertising arena. She has now permanently relocated to Reno/Lake Tahoe area, Nevada USA, to be with her husband and young family.

Frances Melhop crafts her work …. from primary concept, art directing, shooting, completing all post production and illustration into her works. Her photographs have appeared in many European magazines from Vogue Italia, Vogue France, British Vogue,and Glamour, to Face, ID, Purple, Marie Clarie Italia, Elle, Vogue Pelle, Vogue Gioello, Gioia, and D della Repubblica.

Advertising clients include,L’oreal, Quiksilver, Aprilia Scarabeo Vespa, Descamps, Zucchi, Premiata, Ruffo, Ruffo Research, L’Altramoda, Primizia, Kraft, Moda Lisboa, AMR music productions, Gabriella Rivalta Gioielli, Triumph Lingerie and Carol Christian Poel. These Images have appeared throughout Europe the UK ,the Middle East, Australia and Oceania.

In studios, castles, jungles, obscure islands, hanging out of aeroplanes and even underwater Frances conjures up an enchanted world of her own to create and tell the story she is working on….
Tall tales and surreal stories are the air she breathes…..making possible the impossible and by anthropomorphizing all “heroes” from a little red city scooter snuggling a Paris Metro railing, to a Gucci bikini thrown carelessly in a lagoon…

Artist’s Statement

Ancient Olives series

These works are the result of a 2 month international artists residency with the Mira foundation in southern Italy.

My interest in these trees originated from my hunt for fairytales in northern Italy while I was living there. All of my previous works over the last 20 years have been concerned with story-telling and folklore. In the north I found it very difficult to find any stories other than “Pinocchio” by Collodi, until some southern Italians mentioned to me that deep in the south, in the heel of the boot, there are ancient thousand year old trees that look like they have enchanted faces and people entwined and trapped within the trunks. They said these could be found in the area where the Greeks were living and Hercules threw the giants into a pit and covered them with a stone.

The entire series comprises of 44 images photographed on monorail camera on 5×4” black and white film and hand printed in the silver gelatin process. Each negative is contact printed on fiber based paper in a limited run of 25.

The digital series is at present 7 images limited edition, which are currently being printed, on Hahnemuhle Fine Art Cotton Rag at 17” x 22” (Editions of 25)  and 72” x 44” (Editions of 7)

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