Jim Lambert

Jim Lambert

Born in Chicago, Jim Lambert grew up among artists. His father studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and became an accomplished painter and graphic artist. His grandfather had been a lithographer specializing in fine etchings. Jim’s early exposure to artistic expression and process fashioned his appreciation of individual style. His sense of style was enhanced through the study of figure drawing and painting and years of pouring over art books at the city’s libraries. He felt the urge to create Something no one has ever seen, a concept that, spiced with his own brand of humor, continues to define his art.

Jim began taking pictures in the 60s, drawing inspiration from the work shown at the local County Fair. He moved to California in 1976 and began submitting his photography to the Monterey County Fair in the mid 90s. He was awarded first place in juried competitions, best of show twice, and received countless other awards at the California State Fair for his intriguing and truly unique style of photography. Jim is a member of the Padres Trails Camera Club, Pacific Grove Art Center, and Carmel Center for Photographic Art, and Seaside Art Association.

Jim has exhibited at the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History, Pacific Grove Art Center, and Art Council for Monterey Country in Sunset Center, the Carmel Center for Photographic Art, Seaside Art shows at home, in Avery Gallery City hall, and has had many street shows including several times at the Sand City West End event.

Artist’s Statement

Jim instinctively likes to create images that are unique, some with humor but not all. As a sport fisherman his whole life many of his images are based on fishing experiences or exposure.

Lemonegg;  image was created for a one shot only film contest and the subject was yellow.

River Grasses;  image was seen by Jim when Steelhead fishing on the Carmel River on a day the river was flowing high over the normally dry shoreline grasses.

Salmon Cross;  image was really stretching the creative imagination using Salmon fish parts, and a story was created. The Salmon Cross is a symbol that represents those individuals who have made it their mission in life to save the Wild Steelhead and Wild Salmon from extinction. Their work, dedication and sacrifices provide future generations the enjoyment of this treasured natural resource.

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