Keng-Fun Loh

Keng-Fun Loh

Born and based in Singapore, Keng-Fun Loh had a 20-year career in banking before picking up street photography in 2010. She has studied with Magnum photographers Nikos Economopoulos, Patrick Zachmann and Abbas, Singaporean photographer John Clang, Houston based Joe Baraban and Brooklyn based portrait photographer Aubrey Edwards. Now a portrait and documentary photographer, her recent awards include being country winner for Singapore in the Fotoura International Street Photo of the Year Awards (2014) and the winner by public vote in the open category in the Kuala Lumpur International Photoawards (2012).

Artist’s Statement

In my formative years, I was immersed in just about every creative discipline: classical piano, modern dance, ballet, drawing, painting and foreign languages. When I started working, all that creative energy went into my banking career that came with long hours and a lot of travel. Even then on weekends, I could sit up to five hours at a time creating photorealistic paintings with acrylic on canvas.  Photography is happily just as consuming but it empowers me in ways that continue to surprise me. With the camera, I have walked into strangers’ houses without inhibition and connected with ordinary people in ways I have not experienced in my 25 years of working with wealthy clients all over the world.

I would like to believe my best photographs are as visually enjoyable as a good painting, but intuitively captured when I am completely focused on the moment, to reflect a little piece of me.

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