Kori Meyer

Kori Meyer

I took a photography course in high school in the 70’s, then life events took over until 2002, when I was living in Italy on the side of Mt. Etna, in a beautiful villa set in the middle of an orchard full of blood oranges, lemons and olives.  I began stepping out on my balcony trying to get pictures of an eruption with a small point and shoot Canon.  Very frustrating. My husband bought me a 35mm camera and I promptly began spending a lot of his hard-earned money on film and developing costs – hence the move to digital.  From there I began to self-teach myself and have since amassed tens of thousands of photographs of many different subjects.  I was the sports photographer for the high school my kids attended while we were in Italy, and I also enjoy cars – whether it is driving them, working on them or taking pictures of them.   I prefer being outdoors and my mood greatly affects what appeals to me at any given time.  Some days I look for color and others I see a subject that I immediately think of in black and white.  I have sold some of my early works at arts and crafts festivals.  Currently I have work hanging in a small gallery in Nevada, as well as a popular restaurant and a gift shop in the small town where we moved to after living overseas.  I have a wonderful husband who encourages me, two sons and a daughter who make me proud in everything they do, two beautiful granddaughters in South Carolina, as well as two German Shepherds who are my constant companions in my frequent travels back and forth between California and Nevada.

Besides photography, I enjoy time with my family, reading, dabbling in watercolors, cars, gardening, traveling and sailing on beautiful days.  I have great memories of snowboarding in Austria, Spain and Italy and of weekend trips to go rock climbing in southern Spain.  Overall I don’t have a lot of regrets in life, but looking back I do regret that I did not have a camera during some of those times to capture all that I saw around me.

Artist’s Statement

I believe that our environment and experiences shape what we become, and that we all have a choice to let the bad either make us weak or strengthen us. Art in all of of its forms is an extension of something deep within every one of us, and when channeled through a brush, a lens or the written word, can touch a kindred spirit within others.  My photographs have reflected the spectrum of my moods – my days where I sought to capture color and light, or to show a darker side to our humanity.


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