Mary Aiu

Mary Aiu holds a BFA from the California College of the Arts. She shares her time between homes in beautiful Carmel and Suisun Valley CA. 2014 Exhibitions include: solo show at Ledgewood Creek Winery, Equine Dream Art Show at the Western States Horse Expo, 2014 Statewide Photo Exhibition at the Triton Museum of Art, Through the Lens at Kellicutt International Photo Show, and inclusion in CPA’s 2014 Juried Exhibition. She is a member of ImageMakers of Monterey, CA.

Artist’s Statement

The artist’s stroke, a captured moment in time; a thought, a scene, a memory. To be interpreted, discarded, or savored by the one who cares to see.”  – Mary Aiu 2010

With each persons view of the world being uniquely their own, my imagery is reflective upon my ideals about beauty and emotional connections. I enjoy wandering with camera in hand, as I never know what the days imagery will bring. This subtractive process, to find and compose a smaller part of a bigger picture is a quiet meditative activity that offers a sense of expanded awareness and connection to my surroundings. While a certain photograph may become part of my collection, many of my images are used as parts for Photo Montage or Alternative Photography. Working on my images outside the initial camera capture provides an opportunity for me to reshape my work on a more personnel level.

While most of my subject matter comes from the natural world, horses are my favorite inspiration. Creating imagery that captures the spirit of the horse; whether it be a rushing herd of composited images, an endearing friend in the field, or an arena performance is a labor of love. Photographing the horse in free motion is a display of power and grace, a dance if you will, with each horse having their own unique flare. My ongoing collection of this powerful yet gentle creature, strives to tell a story of my personal connection with this magnificent animal.

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