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We need a few minutes of your time!

Good News: CPA has implemented a friendly new membership format, allowing you exclusive features as a valuable benefit of your membership with us.

Like many other sites, you’ll have your own private account with a user name (which is your email address on file with CPA) and a password of your choosing. You’ll have full control of your account: you can change your membership level and even select easy ways to renew including auto renewal without having to remember dates or call the office. 

(If you want to renew your account, click here.)

Here are simple instructions to help you update your membership account:

If you’re currently an active member, your account is almost complete.
(If your membership has lapsed, see more information below under “Renewing Member”)

Please do this to complete your membership account
You’ll need to create a password of your choosing. To do this, click on “My Account” and then, underneath the password field, find “Lost your password?” and click on it. Fill in your email address (the one we use to reach you) on the resulting screen, and you will be emailed a special link you can click to enter the new password of your choosing. The site automatically offers a recommendation about the strength of your password– but you can enter any password, as long as it rises to the level of “medium” security, and the “weak-recommendation” message goes away.

Please do not lose or forget your password—it’s very secure and CPA cannot recover it!

While you’re there, please check your account information (address, phone and so on) to make sure it’s correct. Please change it if necessary.

If you like, there is more information available under the red “HOME” menu

Thank you for your patience during this one-time transition period, we sincerely appreciate your membership with the Center for Photographic Art! We’ll send you further information about exciting new member benefits soon.

Renewing Members:

To renew your membership in our new system, it may seem like you’re starting a new membership, but you really aren’t. To renew, make sure you use the same email address we have on file for you (the email in which you correspond with CPA.) If you use a different email address, a new account will indeed be created and your prior one will expire.

Troubleshooting: There are two reasons the system might not recognize your email address:

  1. The one you entered is not the one we have on file for you. If necessary, please email us at: info@nullphotography.org and we’ll look it up for you.
  2. Your membership was expired when we transitioned to this new system and your membership wasn’t included in the new, ”active member” database. If this is the case, simply join again with your preferred email and a new account will be created. This is a one-time-only requirement, and once you’re back in our new system, everything will run smoothly!
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Thank you again for your support of photography and the Center for Photographic Art.