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NOTE: Membership is Under Construction!


… and we need you to help us finish!  We have just moved the site to a modern and easy-to-use membership system. Your account has a login name (your email, as on file with us) and a password. You will find coupons, discounts and the ability for you to control your own membership there.

(Renewing members: see below.)

Right now, many of the  member-only features are still being added, but your account is already in place… sort of

We need your help:  to protect privacy,  you’ll need to put in a password of your choosing. Please consider making it a complex password, and not “pasSWord1” which can be guessed by the bad-guys in about 1/1000 of a second. (Really!)

All member access is currently under the “HOME” menu. To reset your password, select “My Account” and then, underneath the password field, find “Lost your password?” and click on it. Fill in your email address (the one we use to reach you) on the resulting screen, and you will be emailed a special link you can click on to enter the new password of your choosing. Please do not lose or forget your password, as we cannot recover them!

While you’re there, please check your account information (address, phone and so on) to make sure it’s correct. Please change it if necessary.

There is more information available under the “HOME” menu, and it’s being updated as fast as we can peddle!

Thank you for your help and courtesy, and for being a member of The Center for Photographic Art.

Renewing members:

To renew your membership in our new system, it will seem like you’re buying a new membership, but you are not. To renew, make sure you use the same email address we have on file for you. (That would be the email address to which your renewal reminder was sent.) If you use a different email address, a new account will indeed be created (and your old one will expire.)

Using the same renewal process as someone buying a new membership will bring your account up to date with our new system. 

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Thank you again for your support of photography and the Center for Photographic Art.