Roger Aguirre Smith

In January of 2013, the CPA Information Technology Committee called upon Roger Smith to request his input in developing a new CPA website on a robust platform with new features… More

We all know Jack. Right? He’s the guy at all the CPA events with the smile on his face and the camera in his hand. Jack is the man we… More

This month we recognize Susan Theodore, the chair of the Members’ Night committee. This committee has been doing a bang up job! They bring you the print review, movie nights… More

It all just happens. You submit a photograph to the CPA Juried Exhibition. You fill out a form at the CPA web site. You pay the fees. You push a… More

Photographer, volunteer and long-time CPA supporter, Saelon Renkes deserves a gigantic “THANK YOU” from every member of our non-profit organization. Saelon has given so much to CPA over the years.… More

Maria’s dedication dates back many years to the early times of the CPA. A call was sent out from the struggling organization for volunteers to help it get on its… More

Jim and Cile Messer go about their CPA volunteer activities in a calm, quiet fashion. You might not even notice them. However, when we see them at CPA helping out… More

One of CPA’s most energetic volunteers, Jeannie Marino can usually be found at the heart of any exciting CPA event. Jeannie serves as a member of the CPA Development Committee.… More

Laura LeRoy has been volunteering with the CPA for about a year. She assists with most of our events—jumping in to help keep workshops running smoothly, tending bar at openings,… More

Ryan is an amazing volunteer. First he lives in Fresno and commutes four hours to each event. He attends every opening and every lecture with a “what can I do… More

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