Holly Haynes

I joined the Center for Photographic Art in early 2016, but photography has been a part of my life since childhood. My dad would take me into his “darkroom” (next… More

I joined CPA shortly after deciding to make a serious effort to improve my photography. I found the members’ nights, lectures, workshops and exhibits very valuable. Most important of all,… More

I grew up back East–New York, New Jersey–where I was the photographer for my high school yearbook. Now I split my time between homes in Pacific Grove and Boulder, with a… More

Several years ago, we, at Image Makers, were asked to help the Center for Photographic Art, by becoming docents and volunteers. I answered, and have since enjoyed being part of… More

My involvement began at CPA with a move to this area and my desire to connect with the photographic community, so what better place to start then at CPA. I… More

Photography has been part of my life since my teen years when I discovered what we now call “street photography.” Robert Frank, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Garry Winogrand and many others inspired… More

I moved to the Monterey Peninsula in 1978 and have been a part of the photographic community since then. I have always considered my role within the photographic community to… More

We all know Jack. Right? He’s the guy at all the CPA events with the smile on his face and the camera in his hand. Jack is the man we… More

  Jim and Cile Messer go about their CPA volunteer activities in a calm, quiet fashion. You might not even notice them. However, when we see them at CPA helping… More

One of CPA’s most energetic volunteers, Jeannie Marino can usually be found at the heart of any exciting CPA event. Jeannie serves as a member of the CPA Development Committee.… More

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