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In a letter to his brother Theo, the great artist Vincent van Gogh wrote, “It often seems to me that the night is much more alive and richly colored than the day.” Van Gogh was ahead of his time in so many ways.

Night covers the globe half the time. The spectacular colors of the night are created by light waves in spectrums that are invisible to the naked human eye. With the advent of digital sensors that can record these light waves, photographic opportunities are as exciting at night as they are during the day. For the first time we can truly “see” the world of the night around us after the sun goes down.

Join night photographer Harold Davis—creator of the Digital Night website and author of Creative Night: Digital Photo Tips & Techniques—as he explores with workshop participants the freedom of the night in the glorious surroundings of Big Sur and Carmel on the Monterey Peninsula.

Classroom sessions will include critiques of participant work and demonstrations of night photographic post-production Photoshop techniques including multi-RAW processing, stacking, layering, and LAB enhancements.

Workshop attendees will learn to make beautiful night landscapes together while enjoying the spectacular scenery from a unique perspective. You will leave the workshop with great images and the skills to capture the world of the night while others sleep.


Friday, August 1
5 pm  Classroom Session
Orientation to night photography
Night photography gear
Low light and night shooting techniques
Safety in the dark

7 pm      Proceed to location (tbd) for low light and night photography

Saturday, August 2
10 am Classroom Session
Review Friday night’s work
Multi-RAW processing

12 pm Lunch Break

1 pm Daytime Shoot, location tbd

3 pm Classroom Session
LAB Color
Finishing techniques

6 pm-midnight
Proceed to location for sunset and night photography (Bixby Bridge and Pfeiffer Big Sur, weather permitting); participants can put into practice their newly acquired skills

Sunday, August 3
11 am Group Brunch (“Dutch Treat”)

12 pm Classroom Session
Review Saturday night’s work
Night photography lessons learned
Workshop wrap-up


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