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Welcome to the Online Juried Exhibition upload page. 

You may submit up to 5 images, but they must all be submitted at this time! You cannot come back to this page to submit more later, nor can you change your previous submission.

File size: 800 pixels (longest dimension) 
Profile: 8 bit, jpg files only,  SRGB. Files must not exceed 1MB!
Please remove any visible names, titles, watermarks, etc.

Please enter your name and email address on the form below. Images will be identified by the entrant’s name and image title so please include your correct name and title for each  entry. For example: Susan Smith – Red Flowers, Susan Smith – Pretty Trees, and so on. After you’re satisfied with the image  selection, and have included your name and titles for each entry, remember to press the “Upload” button when finished to actually upload the images.

(Please be patient as the upload may take several minutes. You will be notified when your images have been successfully uploaded.)

Upload your images

800 px on longest side; 1 MB max file size

(NOTE: The spinner inside the upload button will quit long before the upload is complete! Please be patient as the upload may take several minutes. There will be a very obvious notification when your images have been successfully uploaded. It may take a minute or two for your images to show up in the gallery.

Please do NOT hit the upload button twice!