Dear Friends:

Recently I have been writing you about our strategic planning process and why it is so important now to lay the foundation for our next 25 years. Our goal will always remain the same: to support expressive photography everywhere and for all time.

To help make our goal a tangible reality, I want to share with you some of the new ideas that have surfaced during this planning process:

  • To expand members’ expectations and enlarge public awareness, we should broaden our membership base;
  • To give members greater control of their own schedules, we should offer more programming and content, including the creation of a YouTube channel;
  • To enhance our reputation as a major force in the arts community we should attract recognized national and international figures to be jurors for our competitive exhibitions;
  • To differentiate the uniqueness of our own programming, we should expand PIE by recruiting presenters from across the country and hosting it in other communities;
  • To solidify our reputation, we should host portfolio reviews in areas outside Carmel;
  • To recognize our heritage, we should host a celebratory event focused on the 50th anniversary of the Friends of Photography with major works assembled from private collectors and patrons.

And these ideas all come in the wake of our upcoming August celebration of Ruth Bernhard.

All of us on the Board are thrilled at the enthusiasm that has generated these ideas. However, they cannot be implemented without the generous support of our members. Currently our membership fees cover only about 50% of our operating budget. Therefore, if you like the programming we keep striving to bring you, we ask that you consider increasing the level of your support and enlisting the support of your friends to join with us.

To remain a living, energized and evolving resource we need your help to insure we maintain our vitality for the next 25 years.


Brooks McChesney

President, Board of Trustees