Exciting New Community Calendar

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Members now have a way to post their events to a new Community Calendar (CC.)

You can see the Community Calendar under the Events menu, and viewing the calendar is open to every visitor to the CPA site. However, you must be a current member of the CPA (and logged in) to post events that you think will interest the artistic community. The Community Calendar is separate from the CPA’s own events calendar to avoid any confusion.

It is your calendar!

You are encouraged to post events to the Community Calendar. Please keep them to subjects likely of interest the artistic community, such as walks, tours, shows, or even subjects of art. For example, the annual car shows are fair game, since so many photographers enjoy shooting them.) On the other hand, your grand-daughter’s birthday party is not a likely candidate.

The Center for Photographic Art members and visitors are from across the world, so please feel free to post your event here, whether you are from Hong Kong, New York, Paris or Dubai. If it’s about photography, it belongs here.

I did learn when setting this up, that if you are adding an image (please do!) you need to have it available before beginning. The entry form may (frustratingly) disappear if you need to go hunting for it, and you’ll have to enter everything all over again if that happens. NOTE: the way to upload an image is to use the button on the entry form. IT IS NOT DRAG AND DROP (which will cause the form to be lost ! [I’ve suggested to the software publisher that they fix this.]

(And one friendly reminder about your security: do NOT share your membership log-in information with anyone else to allow them to post (or for any other reason.) Your membership name and password are tied to your account, and your private information. No doubt your friend is trustworthy, but what about the person she passes it along to? Sharing any log-in information, whether for the CPA or elsewhere, is a singularly awful and risky idea!)

Now – have at it, my friends. Post as many events as you like, whenever you like!

– Tracy Valleau

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