Dear Members:

I am delighted to announce the appointment of our newest Board member and Treasurer, Mary Scherr. In addition to being a dedicated photographer, Mary is also a supervisor at Hayashi/Wayland, one of the leading accounting firms serving the Central Coast. She brings many talents to our Board in addition to her financial skills and is already making a major contribution to our planning for the next 3 years and beyond. I know you will want to meet her at one of our upcoming events and will find her as warm and engaging as I do.

Next, many of you know that we just completed another very successful session of PIE. A very special Thank You to Jerry Takigawa, Rick Murai and all the volunteers and Facilitators who made it such a successful event. I have seen some of the many comments from the participants describing their initial expectations about PIE and want to share a few of them with you:

  • “I have been serious about my photography for about fourteen years. I have worked hard to educate myself as a photographic craftsman with both the camera and the post-production software. What I believe is most missing from my work is emotion. I want to move past “beautiful” images to images that make the viewer feel something, or that tell a story, or that imply something more than the image itself.”
  • “I’ve hear about the PIE symposium in the past from others who have enjoyed the experience. It seems to me that the scale and scope of it makes it uniquely accessible to me as a non-professional photographer who’s still developing his expression. I get enormous satisfaction from my photography, but I have difficulty thinking of myself as an “artist”. My photographic aspirations are as yet not clearly defined. I’m hoping that the PIE weekend will help me see more clearly where I am and where I want to go with it all. Looking forward to it.”
  • “Presently at a crossroads and hoping to gain some perspective on my next area of focus.”

And there are many more. Clearly the PIE participants see in it something truly unique that they can’t find elsewhere and which they view as a stimulus to attaining a higher level of personal creativity and awareness. The PIE model is working. For those who haven’t already attended, I encourage you to reach out to some of the past participants, hear how it has affected them and their work, and consider enrolling in upcoming sessions.

Finally, I’m excited about our Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Friends of Photography on October 28. I look forward to greeting many of you that night and know that Brian and his team will make it a very special and memorable evening.



Brooks McChesney


Board of Trustees

Michael Kenna Addressing Audience. © Jack Wasserbach. All Rights Reserved. 

Michael Kenna with his wife Mamta and Sarah Spencer. © Jack Wasserbach. All Rights Reserved.