Dear Friends:

I hope this finds you well, warm and engaged in the New Year. As many of you already found out, CPA is wasting no time in mounting an impressive line-up of programs and events scheduled throughout the year.

We have already begun with what Brian invariably calls a “smasheriino” opening- with record attendance- showcasing the unbeatably intense and mesmerizing work of Roman Loranc. The pictures on display have a quality of real surprise- capturing subjects previously unappreciated, if even really noticed by anyone before- the abstract patterns of reeds in flooded fields across the Central Coast, the stillness of a forgotten Eastern European church at twilight, the expansiveness of Mount Shasta when all the hikers and tourists have departed. “Poetry of the Lens” will be on display through Feb 18. It is well worth a visit.

Additionally, with the start of the New Year, I’m happy to report that the state of our organization is sound. We are well on the way to meeting our strategic goal of having cash in our savings account equal at all times to ½ our annual Operating Budget. We have increased our Stewardship/Endowment Fund by over $50K, and are working toward our target of $2 million by 2020. And through the Monterey Gives program we successfully raised $82,637- the 3d highest amount donated to any Arts Organization in the county, trailing only the Youth Orchestra Salinas and the Monterey Symphony.

Thanks to the hard work and year-long dedication and participation of our many Board Committees, we also started the year having completed our newly revised Strategic Plan. We will be announcing many aspects of the Plan throughout the year as we begin implementing the fresh ideas and events we have in process. I know you will be as excited and energized about them as we on the Board are.    

But for now, thank you again for all your support and continuing generosity. We couldn’t do any of this without you.


Brooks McChesney
Board of Trustees