Previous CPA Artist Grant Recipients

2021 Grant Recipients

April 15, 2021—We are pleased to announce the recipients of the first ever CPA Artist Grants!
The selection committee looked at hundreds of incredible applications and had a difficult task in deciding on just two artists. So difficult, in fact, that instead of awarding two grants, we’re awarding five. Three of these grants are $5000 exhibition award grants and two of these grants are $3500 project support grants. We are honored and excited to be able to support so many artists this year. Please read on to learn about this year’s grantees and their projects. Congratulations to the 2021 CPA Artist Grant Recipients!

CPA Artist Exhibition Grants


Liz Steketee
Liz lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and two children where she maintains her own art practice. For over a decade, Liz was a member of the photo faculty at the San Francisco Art Institute where she specialized in digital imaging, compositing, mixed media, and handmade books. In 2004, Liz completed her MFA at SFAI where she received the prestigious John Collier Award of Excellence for her thesis project. The project was based on the turbulent circumstances surrounding the birth of Liz’s first child, Emma. After completing her graduate studies, Liz dedicated her work fully to art practice and teaching. In 2017, Liz moved into a full time studio practice. Liz’s personal work focuses the notions of photography and its role in family life, memory, and our sense of self. Her most recent work explores mixed media; particularly the combination of textiles, book arts, sculpture, and photography.


riel Sturchio
riel Sturchio (they/she) is an interdisciplinary artist whose fine art practice includes film photography, printmaking, artist books, prose, sound installation, sculpture, video, and collaboration. Their work revolves around personal experiences with disability, chronic illness, and queer identity. They explore how symbols such as bodily response to aging, color, descriptive sound, and words challenge and complicate taxonomies of the body, touch, and time. Their multidisciplinary practice provides the audience opportunities for altered mental, emotional, and physical states and explorations of vulnerability and bodily attention. They received an MFA from the University of Texas, Austin (2018), and a BFA in Photography from the Maine College of Art (2012).



Allie Tsubota
Allie Tsubota is a photographer and lens-based artist exploring concepts of racialization and whiteness, national belonging, and “postmemory” within the Asian diaspora. She is currently pursuing a Masters of Fine Arts in Photography at Rhode Island School of Design, where she is further developing a research-based practice that aims to produce multimedia, multi-layered, and multi-temporal work. Her practice employs various uses of photographic film, seriality, collage, and text. In 2021, she was shortlisted for the ChromaLuxe X Lucie Foundation Fine Art Award. Before shifting her focus to photography, Tsubota studied Dance and Environmental Studies at New York University, where she earned a BFA and BA, respectively. She has performed and had her choreography shown at venues in New York City and Cleveland.



Project Support Grants


Justin Maxon
Justin will be presenting his project, A Field Guide to Crisis, on June 18th at CPA. Sign up for this interactive group conversation and exercise with this documentary photographer and social practice graduate student.

Justin Maxon is an award winning visual storyteller, arts educator, journalist and aspiring social practice artist whose work often generates transformative spaces where stored trauma associations can be amended in an attempt to foster new cognitive pathways. His work takes an interdisciplinary approach that acknowledges the socio-historical context from which issues are born and incorporates multiple voices to texture stories. He seeks to understand how positionality plays out in his work as a storyteller. He has given more than 50 lectures and has taught photography workshops in over 8 different countries across the world. He was a teaching artist in an US State Department- sponsored cultural exchange program between the United States and South Africa. He has worked on feature stories for publications such as TIME, Rolling Stone, the New Yorker, Mother Jones, and NPR.


Raymond Thompson, Jr
Raymond Thompson, Jr. is a photographer whose work focuses on race, identity and contested histories. He currently works as a Multimedia Producer at West Virginia University. He is also pursuing an MFA in photography from West Virginia University. He received his Masters degree from the University of Texas at Austin in journalism and graduated from the University of Mary Washington with a BA is American Studies. He has worked as a freelance photographer for The New York Times, The Intercept, NBC News, Propublica, WBEZ, Google, Merrell and the Associated Press.