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Welcome to the Center for Photographic Art’s 2019 8 x 10 Fundraising Exhibition. This year we offer the work of more than 94 established and emerging photographers from California and beyond.

We invite you to participate by purchasing raffle tickets in the gallery during the exhibition, which runs through October 27th, 2019. Tickets are $10 each or 7 tickets for $40. Just drop your ticket in the boxes under the photographs you’d like to win. When the exhibition ends one ticket will be drawn from each box, and that lucky person will be notified that they are a winner. And if you just can’t wait, we invite you to collect from the special group of photographs in the Buy it Now! section, available for direct purchase. Linda Connor and Mart Citret are this year’s Buy it Now! photographers.

We would especially like to thank all the talented artists who have generously donated their photographs to this annual CPA fundraiser. Their enthusiastic support creates important funding toward our many programs, and helps make our nonprofit a vibrant community resource.

For those who live out of the area, click the green button below to view the images and call us to purchase tickets for your favorites.



Participating Photographers

Debra Achen • Mary Aiu • Olivia Alison • James Atherton • Janet Beaty • Nolan Beck • Kathy Briggs • Edna Bullock • Wynn Bullock • Richard Cannon • Brigitte Carhochan • Sarah Christianson • Mark Citret • David Clarkson • Marty Cohen • Beverly Conley • Linda Connor • Matt Connors • Norma Cordova • Binh Danh • Robert Dawson • Chuck Davis • Monica Denevan • Dixie Dixon • Douglas Ryuijie • Janet Fine • Sarah Friedlander • Eduardo Fujii • Ingeborg Gerdes • Adam Gerlach • Tom Hierl • Mary Hill • Rolfe Horn • Susan Hyde Green • Geir Jordahl • Kate Jordahl • Jim Kasson • Sandra Kawano • Diane Kaye • Oliver Klink • Bob Kolbrener • Dida Kutz • Ken Light • Eva Lipman • Roman Loranc • Ernie Luppi • Jeanne Marino • Catharina Marlowe • Vanessa Marsh • Molly McCall • Chris McCaw • Klea McKenna • Jim Messer • Greg Mettler •  Meredith Mullins • Rick Murai • Bob Nielsen • Logan Norton • Jane Olin • Ted Orland • Bill Owens • Paccarik Orue • David Pace • Ken Parker • Robertson Parkman • Rachel Phillips • Mimi Plumb • Maria Prince • Beverly Rayner • Paula Riff • Holly Roberts • Robin Robinson • Eleonora Ronconi • Bob Sadler • Jenny Sampson • Ron Moultrie Saunders • John Sheets • Rachael Short • Josh Smith • Marty Springer • Doug Steakley • Neal Swanson • Jerry Takigawa • Brian Taylor • Jacqui Turner • Tracy Valleau • Jack Wasserbach • Cara Weston • Kim Weston • Zach Weston • Huntington Witherill • Vanessa Woods • Yelena Zhavoronkova • Steve Zmak

Don’t miss Mark Citret, one of our talented Buy it Now! donors for his artist talk and book signing on Friday, October 11  from 5:00-7:00pm in the CPA gallery. The talk is free but space is limited so signup is required. Book Signing and reception afterward are free and open to everyone. Please Click Here for more information about Mark and to sign up.