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Brian Taylor and Bryan Yedinak have completed the judging for the Center for Photographic Art 2012 Juried Exhibition. They evaluated 1396 images submitted by 286 photographers, and selected 41 images for the exhibition itself, and 137 images for the web gallery.

Brian and Bryan had this to say about the experience: “It was an honor to judge the many impressive entries submitted for the 2012 Center for Photographic Art Juried Exhibition. Yet, it was a challenge to select the final images from all the great photographs! Viewing the many entries was a rare and incredible glimpse into what’s going on in contemporary photography today, and we hope this exhibition offers a similar overview to our visitors. Overall, the artwork is broadly diversified and wonderfully creative. This California region has long been hallowed ground for every sort of powerful subject matter­– from beautiful portraits, still lifes, and often surreal landscapes, to wonderful abstractions and surprising experimentation. From cyanotypes to platinum prints, magnificent traditional darkroom silver prints to state-of-the-art digital images, each photographer clearly reveals their own singular voice and vision, as evidenced by this impressive exhibition!”

Photographers with images in the exhibition are: Barbara Batista-Moon, Tami Bone, Martha Casanave, Douglas Collins, Manuel Cosentino, Adrienne Defendi, Matthew Derezinski, David Dilworth, John Eaton, Linda Fitch, Maria Foley, Sara Friedlander, Eduardo Fujii, Ron Garavaglia, Chrystina Geagan, Ford Griswold, Arthur Haseltine, Hedwig Heerschop, Glenn and Juanita Hemanes, Susan Hillyard, Todd Hunt, Sandra Masae Kawano, Robb Johnson, Michael Knasptein, Chester Ng, Clifford Nichols, Jim Nickelson, Ted Orland, David Pace, Robert Reade, Saelon Renkes, David Robertson, David Ruderman, Stephen and Karen Strom, Neal Swanson, Alison Turner, Sieglinde Van Damme, Jack Wasserbach, Cara Weston, Pat Wiesler, and Robin Winfield. All of these photographs are also in the web gallery.

Photographers with images in the web gallery only are: Patricia Addleman, Robert Aker, Jerry Atnip, Tamara Barr, Robert Bright, Cathy Bruegger, Eduardo Costa, Carl Couchman, Tamara Danoyan, Gail Des Jardin, Dixie Dixon, Linda Ferrari, Marguerite Garth, Megan Gazard, Steve Goldband, Wendy Goody, Jeffery Graves, Annette Gurdjian, John Hennessy, Elaine Heron, Dennis Hodges, Mike James, Dale Johnson, Robert Kato, Diane Kaye, Victor Krag, Candida Kutz, Jay Martin, Michael Miner, Meredith Mullins, Elizabeth Murray, Shea Naer, Laurie Naiman, Jane Olin, Curtis Palm, Mark D. Roberts, George Robertson, Merg Ross, Jody Royee, Dave Rudin, John Sheets, Rachael Short, Roger Smith, Barry Staley, Karen Strom, Brian Sunday, Deborah Thackrey, Matt Vogt, Helen Wallis, Cynthia Walpole, Tom Watson, Tony Williams, Lane Wilson, Robert Woodward, Douglas Yates, Sara Yerkes, and Jing Yu.