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“Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth.”—Pablo Picasso

There are at least two paths to discovering an unexpected vision of our world. In one approach, Dan Estabrook uses his Harvard educated mind to premeditate a scene related to this world (but not of it), often meticulously preparing a still life days in advance. Holly Roberts travels a different road, using her intuition and highly trained painterly skills to navigate the path only as far as her flashlight will shine, making dramatic, magical mid-course corrections as she travels.

Dan’s and Holly’s images act as illustrations for thoughts, memories, and visions that spring from their imaginations. Their scenes are conjured up—often ethereal still lifes, portraits, and landscapes that do not exist in the real world to be photographed. These two artists treat the initial photograph as raw material rather than an end point, for a larger, more layered piece.

This exhibition brings together two internationally renowned artists who portray their images photographically while still showing their hand as the maker. Through the years, Dan Estabrook, working in New York City, and Holly Roberts, working in her studio in New Mexico, have refined their medium into a liberated, enchanted style, allowing avenues of expression not possible through straight photography. Their artwork serves as an exciting counterpoint to the venerable, traditional approach to photography, long championed so powerfully by the Center for Photographic Art.

In this digital age, Dan and Holly savor the tactile pleasures of making art by hand. They believe that certain works of art created by a human touch can contain a resonance of that touch- a lingering aura.

—Brian Taylor, Curator 

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Alternate Realities: The Visions of Dan Estabrook and Holly Roberts

This soft-cover, perfect bound catalog features 28 images from the June 29 – August 17, 2013 exhibition. Designed for CPA by Takigawa Design, the book also includes statements from the artists, Dan Estabrook and Holly Roberts, and curator Brian Taylor. It may be purchased at the CPA Gallery for $20.00, and may also be previewed and purchased from our online publisher: MagCloud.

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