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Curator: Shelby Graham

Artists:  Henry Holmes Smith, Betty Hahn, Brian Taylor, Shelby Graham, Binh Danh, Jane Lindsay

ALTERNATIVE Lineage investigates the nature of teaching experimental photography and traces how artists cultivate inquiry and alternative methods of production. When we examine five generations of unconventional photographic practices by Henry Holmes Smith, Betty Hahn, Brian Taylor, Shelby Graham, Binh Danh andJane Lindsay, what stimulating bridges and divides can we find?

The five generations of artists in this exhibition offer contemporary versions of alternative processes, adapting 19th and 20th century photographic techniques. Alternative process photography typically refers to any non-traditional or non-silver historical photo printing processes and includes, cameraless photographs, pinhole and plastic camera prints, transfers, mixed media sculptural installations, video capture, digital imaging and more. The prints in the exhibition include daguerreotypes, cyanotypes, gum bichromates, Van Dykes, tintypes, chlorophyll prints, Polaroid transfers, video, sculpture and mixed media digital prints.

Betty Hahn was influenced and mentored by Henry Holmes Smith, a master teacher at the University of Indiana and pioneer in abstract and camera-less photography. Hahn is recognized for her influential teaching and experimental use of mixed media and popular culture icons. Brian Taylor studied with Hahn in the MFA program at the University of New Mexico. In his art and in his teaching at San Jose State University, in California, he inspired and engaged a new generation of artists in alternative processes from Shelby Graham to Binh Danh. Internationally renowned for his chlorophyll prints and daguerreotypes, Binh Danh first studied with Shelby Graham at age 16 and now teaches at Arizona State University and has influenced the social practice artist Jane Lindsay along with many others.

This chronology is merely a thin slice of the alternative process lineage that deserves to be exposed, celebrated and sustained. As Brian Taylor notes, “Betty Hahn opened my eyes to an entirely new world of self-expression. In her classes, a photograph was not a precious object or an end-point but rather, an image that could serve as raw material for a larger artwork where the hand of the artist was visible through mixed media and manipulation. Betty unveiled avenues of self-expression not available through straight photography.”

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Alternative Lineage: Honoring Betty Hahn, 5 decades of mentoring alternative photographic processes

This soft-cover, perfect bound catalog features 28 images from the August 23 –October 11, 2014 exhibition. Designed for CPA by Takigawa Design, the book also includes statements from the artists and the curator. It may be purchased at the CPA Gallery for $20.00, and may also be previewed and purchased from our online publisher:  MagCloud.

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