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Online Artist Talk: Bianca & riel Sturchio
CPA Artist Grant Recipients
Friday, February 25, 4:00-5:00pm PST

Sign up and secure your spot below before 6:00pm February 24. Space is limited. We will meet through Zoom conferencing and a URL will be sent to those who register the evening before.

Please join CPA Artist Grant recipients and twin siblings, Bianca & riel Sturchio as they present images from their long term project, Chasing Light. The twins will discuss how they work together and apart, how their collaboration works across time and distance, and also they will share their process and new work made with the CPA grant money.

Project Statement:
Chasing Light (2011-current) is an ongoing collaborative film photography project between twin siblings Bianca Sturchio (she/her) and riel Sturchio (they/she). Bianca and riel each identify as non-normative in body and identity, but differently. riel is queer, nonbinary, and someone who lives with chronic illness in the spectrum of disability, and Bianca is queer and disabled. Bianca and riel utilize photography to provoke and examine the vulnerability they experience from their unique manifestations of queer identity, illness, and disability. Through a mix of ambiguously cropped images of the body, visual metaphors, and documented and constructed scenes, they explore and convey challenging and often invisible aspects within the intimate world-building they share, imagine and create.

Bianca Sturchio (she/her) is a mixed-media artist and graduate holding an MSW (2020) and BSW (2019) from the University of Southern Maine. Bianca uses her lived experiences of disability and queerness to inform both her professional and creative pursuits. riel Sturchio (they/she) is an interdisciplinary artist whose fine art practice includes film photography, printmaking, artist books, prose, sound installation, sculpture, video, and collaboration. Their work revolves around their experiences with disability, chronic illness, and queer identity.

To see more of the Sturchios’ work, please visit their website > 

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