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Ancora, Venice, Italy, 2010. © David Burdeny. All rights reserved.

Ancora is the Italian word for “still” and it is the word chosen by photographer David Burdeny as the title for this series of photographs made during the fall of 2010 and the winter of 2011. Burdeny uses his photography to explore the relationship between the landscape, the photographer and the viewer. Seeking out the best vantage point to capture a cohesive composition that may include a very complex city view, a single building (as in Ancora, Venice, Italy 2010) or a vast exotic landscape, Burdeny strives to create a sense of calm and stillness in each of his images. Most of these photographs are made on overcast days, often before dusk or dawn, to capture the soft quality of light which, along with the extended exposure times, helps to create a feeling of tranquility that is so dominant in his photographs. By using filters on the camera and by making adjustments in the printing process, he is able to continue to enhance his vision.

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David Burdeny – Ancora

This soft-cover catalog includes all 25 images from the September 8 – October 20, 2012 exhibition, along with statements from Burdeny and the curator, Richard Gadd. Designed for CPA by Takigawa Design.

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