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Photography stops action and freezes time, yet artists use it to suggest narratives and convey the sensations, emotional connections and meanings they find in motion. Here, Hal Eastman and Jim Kasson present differing approaches to motion in photography.

Hal Eastman’s Natural Dance brings dancers into the landscape and finds in their movements and gestures echoes of the natural world. Drawing on Isadora Duncan’s statement that “all true dance movements possible to the human body exist primarily in nature,” he finds lyrical correspondences between the two.

Eastman’s Dancessence series abstracts the idea of dancers in motion. The dancers are stationary, “imagining themselves in full movement.” The highlighted forms are simplified and masked, revealing the underlying eroticism of trained, athletic, moving bodies.

Jim Kasson’s Staccato series captures figures in cityscapes. Often seen from the street, at night, in places built for crowds, individual figures emerge. The world is in motion; where the figure appears, it is separate from its surroundings. We see enough to guess at the person’s attitudes and mood, and perhaps imagine a storyline. In the work of these two photographers, movement reveals and conceals; it sets a stage, or implies an elemental connection with nature. Capturing motion can show us new worlds.


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In Motion – Photographs by Hal Eastman and Jim Kasson

This soft-cover catalog includes 35 images from the March 9 through April 27, 2013 exhibition. Designed for CPA by Takigawa Design, the book also includes statements from the artists, and co-curators Marty Manson and Ilene Tuttle. The catalog may be purchased at the CPA Gallery for $20.00, and may also be previewed and purchased online from our publisher: MagCloud.

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