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Artist’s Statement: Illumitones
This body of work, begun in 2007, represents my most recent exploration of abstraction – a vision that has informed my photography since I first picked up a camera. Differing from my earlier abstract photographs of found subject matter, these are “cameraless” photo-collages. They reflect the evolution of cameraless photography from Fox Talbot’s light drawings to Moholy-Nagy’s photograms but represent a contemporary approach. They are not about a particular subject but are expressions of the elements of composition that all artists work with: line, form, light and shadow, movement, repetition, symmetry, and space. Through abstraction, the subject is transformed; becoming a vehicle for organic and geometric studies – distilling the intrinsic elements of the human endeavor of making art.

Lecture: Illumitones: Explorations in Abstraction
Kim Kauffman describes her ongoing exploration of abstraction through a selection of work from the 1970’s to her current body of work, Illumitones. She’ll also show examples of other photographers’ abstract work throughout the history of photography, addressing the place for abstraction in an inherently descriptive medium.

Lecture: Cameraless Imagery: Modern Methods Continue a Tradition
Kim Kauffman will demonstrate via a slide presentation the cameraless image capture and photo-collage processes that she uses to create her Illumitones images. She’ll also discuss the history of cameraless imagery and collage from the birth of photography to the present.

Curator, Kim Kauffman: Illumitones, Howard Bossen, Ph.D.
The Illumitones exhibition was curated by Howard Bossen, Ph.D. Bossen is a professor in the School of Journalism, Michigan State University and adjunct photography curator at the Michigan State University Museum. His publications include Luke Swank: Modernist Photographer, a rediscovery of one of the early explorers of modernism, and Henry Holmes Smith: Man of Light, a study of the pioneering educator, critic and practitioner of cameraless photography.