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As a third generation photographer in the revered Weston family, Kim Weston has been steeped in traditional black and white photography for his entire life. With over 30 years as a photographer, teacher, lecturer and mentor this Weston has moved beyond those traditional roots to a more individualized interpretation of the medium.

For the past 8 years Kim Weston has been applying artist quality oil paints to his silver gelatin photographs. In addition to applying paint to his signature nude series, he has applied paint to his ballerina series as well as to a new series of photographs of eyes – most notably those of his wife, Gina Weston. As Weston continues his work for this exhibition, some of his most recent images will be included.

Just as his grandfather shifted the medium and advanced photography from pictorialism to more sharply-focused images, so too has Kim Weston moved away from that very genre towards one that combines the methods of photography with that of painting. The long respected surface of the silver gelatin print is eschewed while at the same time the image itself is enhanced with the application of the paint.

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Kim Weston – Painted Photographs

This soft-cover includes 40 images from the exhibition, Weston’s artist statement and the curator’s statement by Huntington Witherill.

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