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LOST Carmel, curated by Kris Graves
Exhibition on view January 4 – February 23, 2020 

Saturday, January 11, 4:00 – 5:00pm artist lectures by Kris Graves and Nelson Chan
Carpenter Hall, Sunset Center, Carmel
Opening reception to follow in the CPA gallery 5:00 – 7:00pm
Free and open to the public

The LOST book series is comprised of artists working on location-based projects. Led by the photographer, each project takes us on a personal journey through a specific location. Many of the works show the passage of time within those places. Each project varies greatly in theme, but all aim to give the viewer a slice of what it feels like to reside within that place.

Currently, the project consists of thirty monographs from thirty artists. The first set of books, LOST, is comprised of ten monographs by ten photographers. LOST II includes twenty monographs by twenty photographers: twenty photographers working in twenty places they know well. The artist has either grown up in, married into, or has been working on long-term projects within their chosen locations. Some projects lean towards documentation, but they can be viewed as a mix between photojournalism and conceptual art. Each year, Kris Graves Projects hosts a call for entries for new artists for the LOST series and they will continue to publish a yearly set.

The photographs on view in the Center for Photographic Art gallery are selections from each of the twenty artists from the LOST II monograph series. The way the exhibition is installed makes the viewer feel like they’re visiting one big city, as opposed to twenty different places. Locations and artists included in this book set and this exhibition are as follows:

Birmingham by Shawn Theodore
The Bronx by Kris Graves
Colorado City by Steven B. Smith
Crow Country by Wendy Red Star
Hong Kong by Nelson Chan
Illinois Central by Tim Carpenter
Lagos by Isaac Diggs
Lentini by Andrea Modica
London by Sergio A. Fernández
Los Angeles by Aline Smithson
New Zealand by Young Sohn
Ossining by Giovanni Urgelles
Philadelphia by Saleem Ahmed
Spruce Pine by Mercedes Jelinek
Syracuse by Shane Lavalette
Tijuana by Griselda San Martin
Toronto by Zun Lee
Uzhhorod by Jules Slütsky
Viterbro by Cristina Velásquez
Washington, D.C. by Jared Soares

Image by Griselda San Martin
To purchase books from the LOST series, please visit the Kris Graves Projects website: https://www.krisgravesprojects.com/