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A Statement from Dick Garrod

It was inevitable, here on the Monterey Peninsula, that the complementary activities of two of our finest photographic organizations, the Center for Photographic Art (CPA) and the ImageMakers would be joined in a functional (and practical) way, as we are doing with this exhibit. We are grateful that the CPA has honored us with this opportunity to showcase the diversity and creativity of the ImageMakers and its membership who recently celebrated the 13th anniversary of our founding in 1996.

Photography at Sunset Center began in 1967 when Ansel Adams and Cole Weston (then Manager of the Sunset Center) felt the need for a high quality photographic gallery to exhibit the rich collections of fine-art photography in this region. The Peninsula had become a major photography center during the middle of the 20th Century with many prominent photographers living or having connections to this area. The Friends of Photography (FOP) was founded in the summer of 1967 with Ansel Adams as its first Chairman and Brett Weston, Wynn Bullock, Morley Baer and other local photographers filling the remaining seats on the board. This gallery space is one of the longest–lived, independent, non-profit photography galleries of its kind. Over the course of the past 42 years the board members have changed, as has the gallery name, but the mission continues on unabated to the present day. The current board of the CPA continues to work tirelessly in an effort to adhere to the goals set by Ansel Adams and the FOP—an effort that continues to define photography as an art form on the West Coast.

An independent photography gallery is only part of the local equation needed to inspire a roust photography community. It was also clear that there was a need for a venue where creative fine-art photographers could gather and share their knowledge of the craft and passion for the art. There have been small groups in the past that have addressed this need including the many successful Member Workshops organized by FOP. With over 125 in attendance at some of these workshops, groups of photographers were given an opportunity to share ideas with one another.

It was in April 1996 that six photographers gathered in a living room to critique each other’s recent photographic work as well as share their thoughts and the current state and creative potential of their chosen craft. That evening the ImageMakers would be formed—a group whose mission it would be to ensure that photography, as a vital art form, continues to thrive on the Monterey Peninsula and a forum that nurtures the free exchange of artistic ideas and provides inspiration to its membership. From that nucleus of six in 1996, the ImageMakers have grown to an enthusiastic 60 members.

For this exhibit, the marriage between the CPA, with their fine-art gallery and organization, and the ImageMakers, with their group of creative photographers, represents an important union. The importance of working together towards this current exhibit is only the visible part of our merger. We will continue to mutually share our memberships, our financial support, our attendance at workshops and lectures, along with our service as docents, and in many other ways. Both groups are required in order to have a unified, singular, and cohesive involvement within all aspects of fine-art photography as it moves forward on the Monterey Peninsula.

The ImageMakers wish to thank you for supporting this collective photographic exhibit; Luminosity: The Art of ImageMaking

A Statement by the ImageMakers of Monterey

In art, luminosity is often thought of as the quality of light the artwork emanates. Painters use intelligently crafted color and tonal variations to recreate this light. A photographer captures a scene using film or digital sensor. Luminosity is reestablished through the art of the photographic craft; the knowledge of the tools and techniques.

As with most artistic expressions, the light falling upon the subject and the patterns of luminance radiating from the subject capture the artist’s eye. The artist’s passion ignites. This becomes a dance of emotion, inspiration and an unseen driving force to communicate an enlightened thought or expression.  A master image-maker gives punctuation to this expression. It is this artistic dance that creates the luminosity of the print and the illumination of the artist. This artistic dance truly becomes the art of image-making.

In a realized work of art—a fine photographic print—the illumination of the artist is offered to the viewer. Luminosity radiates outward to the viewer encouraging a relationship with the subject—encouraging a deeper look into the subject and consequently a deeper view into oneself. The work presented in this exhibit is released from the grasp of the artist’s hands and presented to the viewer. What does the print conjure? What does it express? What does the print reflect? Does the subject continue to illuminate? Has the artist, even for just one moment, mastered the art of image-making?

The ImageMakers of Monterey wish to thank you for your support of this fundraising exhibit.  Many artists have donated more than what is required; some have donated one hundred percent of their print proceeds from this exhibit to the Center for Photographic Art. We are grateful for the generosity of all who support the vital photographic craft and community. We thank you for sharing in this Luminosity.

The ImageMakers of Monterey

List of Artists

Charles Anselmo
Jeffrey Becom
Fred Chamberlain
Rita Costa-Hollmann
Annelies de Kater
Dixie Dixon
Jodie Dodge
Michael Dunn
Richard Garrod
Jerry Ginsburg
David J. Gubernick
Art Haseltine
Louis Hembree
Bert Ihlenfeld
Richard Knepp
Craig Lovell
Robert Nielsen
Jane Olin
Kenneth Parker
Robertson Parkman
Maria Prince
Deborah Rantz
Nancy Raven
Robin Robinson
Tom Schleich
Ernie Schoenhoeffer
Sandy Schoenhoeffer
Roger Smith
Jacqui Turner
Brett Thomas
Tracy Valleau
Jack Wasserbach
Gregory Weeks
Shirley West
Steve Zmak

An Organization of Fine Art Photographers from the Monterey Bay Area

The ImageMakers of Monterey was formed in April 1996 by a group of fine art photographers on the Monterey Peninsula who wanted to create a venue where they could exchange ideas about the rapidly evolving world of contemporary photography.  They also wanted to review and discuss new work in progress by their fellow artists.  From an initial group of six photographers, the ImageMakers of Monterey has grown to an enthusiastic organization of over 50 members.

Members work with black and white and color using traditional, alternative and digital methods.  Their work includes documentary, landscapes, portraits, underwater sea life, architecture, still life, and a variety of other types of subject matter. The group includes instructors from local colleges and a number of well-known photographic workshops, published authors, and photographers that have exhibited locally, nationally, and internationally.

The ImageMakers of Monterey feel that the informal manner used to structure the organization maximizes the free exchange of ideas and provides inspiration and encouragement to a group of highly motivated photographers dedicated to the production of high quality fine art photographs.  The group meets monthly to share work and discuss new ideas.

It is the goal of the ImageMakers of Monterey to ensure that photography, as a vital art form, will continue and thrive on the Monterey Peninsula. Our website can be viewed at www.imagemakers.org.