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Online Artist Talk: Allie Tsubota
CPA Artist Grant Recipient
Monday, March 14, 1:00-2:00pm PST

Sign up and secure your spot below before 6:00pm March 13. Space is limited. We will meet through Zoom conferencing and a URL will be sent to those who register the evening before.

Please join CPA Artist Grant recipient, Allie Tsubota, as she presents images and ideas from her project, A Viper is Nonetheless a Viper, as well as work preceding this series. Allie will also discuss her working process and how the grant and other recent awards have aided her artistic practice.

A Viper is Nonetheless a Viper (2021–ongoing) contends with formations of the image and historicity through sites of transnational empire-building, nuclear proliferation, and militarized racial subjugation at the close of the Asia-Pacific Wars and World War II in the Pacific. This is a set of historical episodes characterized by the explosive, amnesiac nature of nuclear warfare and the subtle and pernicious transference of empire between militarized colonial powers, and which invites important questions around the queer temporalities and structural dynamics of time, meaning, and memory. This work takes seriously the ability of both the image and notions of historicity to be continually re-opened and reanimated even as they remain shattered fragments of the past, and intentionally destabilizes the constitutive disjunctions between past and present and veracity and falsehood.

A Viper is Nonetheless a Viper looks closely at archival collections from the US Strategic Bombing Survey and the US Air Force’s postwar occupation of the Pacific, reaggregating and interpellating these with original photographs and essays. Following Saidiya Hartman’s call to “exceed or negotiate the constitutive limits of the archive,” this work attempts to pose a radically relational inquiry around the fraught logics of the nation-state and the citizen, the dialectics of memory and its durational withdrawal, and the weaponization of perception and visuality in states of perpetual warfare. Alongside harboring self-reflexivity toward the trafficking of images, this project attempts to locate the flows of ruinous imperial desire and perpetual warfare that both prompt and interrupt modernity.

Allie Tsubota (she/hers) is a photographer exploring intersections of race, visuality, and the formation of historical memory. Her work spans still photography and video, photographic and filmic archives, sound, installation, and text. A fourth-generation Japanese/American, Tsubota has been most focused on histories of transnational empire-building, incarceration, and assimilation located within the Asian/Pacific diaspora, though she is notably indebted to the important work of Black feminist scholars attending to the afterlives of transatlantic racial slavery.

Tsubota has been included on Silver Eye’s Silver List (2022), a recipient of Aperture and Google’s Creator Lab Photo Fund (2021), the Lenscratch Student Prize First Place (2021), the Center for Photographic Art Artist Award (2021), the Henry Wolf Award for Photographic Excellence (2021), RISD’s Graduate Commons Award (2021), and a shortlisted artist for the ChromaLuxe X Lucie Foundation Fine Art Award (2021). She is presently an MFA candidate at Rhode Island School of Design.

To see more of Allie’s work, please visit her website >.

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