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Online Artist Talk:
Rebecca Zeiss, Trace Images and the Artist’s Hand

Thursday, February 18, 3:00-4:00pm
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Photography provides a wealth of information, and there are expectations of what things should look like. We assume the camera will render those expectations. While one would consider camera optics to be revealing, they also may be used as a device of concealment, allowing the artist to choose how much or little of that information to include as an extension of the subject. It is through the use of these optical choices that Rebecca Zeiss engages shifting visual illusions and allusions. This created incongruous space gives a sense of permitting real time and remembered time to cross paths.

In that re-representation trace image, Rebecca will share and explore her choices which will include objects, use images of figures with their objects, and the associated histories to establish a visual dialogue referencing collective memory. She will share the processes, surfaces, and camera choices with the concepts of her work represented in altered spatial relationships and shifting focal planes.

Rebecca Zeiss was born and raised, excepting four years in Belgium as a teen, and still lives in  Midland, Michigan. She received her BFA from the University of Michigan, where, as a painting and drawing major, she had the opportunity to study under photographer and educator Phil Davis, causing her to switch the focus of her work to photography. Continuing to experiment with photographic surfaces and mixed media, she received her MFA in photography from Central Michigan University. She is now teaching photography and printmaking at the University of Michigan-Flint. Ms. Zeiss’s photographic work is frequently black-and-white large format, ranging from installations of elongated vertical hanging panels printed dual-sided on translucent Japanese Kozo paper to small intimate collodion wet plate work. Often, she utilizes a range of antiquarian processes combined with contemporary techniques and mixes the look of the work with the concept/content it re-represents as the trace aura from objects. She explores tactile surfaces and layering either physically or imagined. Zeiss is influenced by life experiences of shared vulnerability referencing memory, dreams, and the collective unconscious. Many of her images examine domestic space and reconsidered childhood experiences. Her work is included in private collections, museums, universities, and corporate collections. Rebecca Zeiss is exhibited internationally and has been selected for exhibitions by jurors such as Jill Enfield, Robert Hirsch, Christopher James, S. Gayle Stevens and Deborah Willis.

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