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Online group presentation: Justin Maxon
A Field Guide to a Crisis
with Aaron Ochoa, Rachel Hill, Michelle M. Miller, and Kristy Lee
Friday, June 18, 1:00-2:00pm

Sign up and secure your spot below before 5:00pm June 17. Space is limited.
We will meet through Zoom conferencing and a URL will be sent to those who register the evening before.

Who do we normally turn to in a crisis? Bona fide experts accredited by institutions and social hierarchies. What about experts of experience? A Field Guide to a Crisis (FGTAC) is a social practice project that replicates and subverts the status quo of the “expert voice.” It challenges us to re-think the voices we elevate in times of crisis. This project engages individuals who are formerly incarcerated in recovery from substance abuse, currently residing in sober living homes in Eureka, CA. It activates skills individuals have developed in their recovery at a time when we are collectively looking for answers. FGTAC uplifts the stories of those who have faced grave inequity in their access to safety and care, whose experiences uniquely qualify them as expert voices on grieving the loss of community amidst crisis. The year-long program, divided into two six-month segments, is designed as a teacher’s training, preparing students to be educators in resiliency. FGTAC is part of a long-term project, conceptualized with artist Marina Lopez, that seeks to challenge the status quo of expert voice in the American context.

Justin Maxon (1983) is an award winning visual storyteller, arts educator, journalist and aspiring social practice artist whose work often generates transformative spaces where stored trauma associations can be amended in an attempt to foster new cognitive pathways. His work takes an interdisciplinary approach that acknowledges the socio-historical context from which issues are born and incorporates multiple voices that texture stories. He seeks to understand how positionality plays out in his work as a storyteller. He has given more than 50 lectures and has taught photography workshops in over 8 different countries across the world. He was a teaching artist in an US State Department- sponsored cultural exchange program between the United States and South Africa. He has worked on feature stories for publications such as TIME, Rolling Stone, the New Yorker, Mother Jones, and NPR. To learn more about Justin and to see his work, please visit his website >.


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