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Fish Monger’s Daughter, 2000. ©Michael Garlington. All Rights Reserved. 

The Center for Photographic Art  is pleased to present artwork from the collections of six local art collectors. These collections cover a broad span from traditional to contemporary art photography.

Works from the collections of:
Lisa deFaria
Mary Jeanne Vincent and Richard Gadd
Betty and Jim Kasson
David Ligare and Gary Smith
Cara Weston
Huntington Witherill

Exhibited artists include:
Dick Arentz, Morley Baer, Ruth Bernhard, Dan Burkholder, Paul Caponigro, William Clift, Brad Cole
Steve Crouch, Judy Dater, Michael Garlington, Rolf Horne, Michael Kenna, Ed Martin, Richard Misrach
Meredith Mullens, Martha Pearson, J. John Prioloa, Ken Rosenthal, Ryuijie, John Sexton, Eugene Smith
Michael Smith, Paul Strand, Arthur Tress, Jerry Uelsmann, Jack Welpott, Brett Weston, Cole Weston
Edward Weston, Kim Weston, Huntington Witherill, Marion Post Wolcott, Don Worth.

The first photographs collection I saw was that of Alfred Stieglitz at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in 1978.  For me, the history of the medium came alive, and I was intrigued by how this master photographer had amassed such a wealth of images.  To see original work for the first time was magical.  Until then, it had never occurred to me that I, too, could own original photographs—that I, too, could be a collector.

I remember my niece asking me several years ago why we had photographs of people we did not know on the walls of our home.   Hmmmm . . . . why?  The question gave me pause.  But I think that what we choose for our surroundings is a reflection of who we are.

I have been fortunate during my time here on the Monterey Peninsula to see some incredible local collections.   I have met photographers and collectors and curators and dealers and have heard the innumerable wonderful stories behind the pictures. In truth, I have felt like a kid in a candy store for many years.

Clearly, the Monterey County region has been significant in shaping the history of 20th -century photography. The work done here has changed the way we see and appreciate photography worldwide. This legacy has drawn many contemporary photographers to our area, where there is still an abundance of amazing subject matter and a long tradition of photographic practice.

This exhibition is collaboration between me and the collectors.  I asked each collector to show me those pieces they felt most passionate about.  In some cases, there was a friendly negotiation about what to include in the show, but most of the time, I could see why their picks were their favorites.

From the sublime to the amusing, six different paths in collecting are represented here—six different personalities, each with a different eye and each with a different inspiration about what is of value to them.

Robin Venuti, 2014

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