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2009 Juried Exhibition Winners Show

Richard Garrod – First Place
Richard Garrod, photographer, poet, philosopher and educator, entertains the eye and the soul with visual metaphors of unique simplicity and elegance. Richard’s passion for the unseen in the visual world is shared by the viewer in this collection of prints gleaned from a lifetime of photographing and teaching. He has inspired several generations of photographers to reach beyond the ordinary and find the paradox in the world they inhabit.

Mathew Farris – Second Place
Matthew Farris, photographer and educator, comes from the commercial world and found a doorway into the magic of movement during a trip to a Japanese Garden. Always inspired by the power and beauty of Impressionist and Modernist Art, Matt experienced a moment when objects transcend their physical reality and become “movement of energy and color through space.” This selection is from his current body of work—“Koi”—a study of movement and color through space.

Chester Ng – Third Place
Chester Ng, photographer, forester and businessman, comes from the business world into the world of photography through a lifelong interest in images and their impact on the world. Chester has explored the environmental portrait and it led him to the discovery of old world exotic cultures, their rituals and ceremonies. This selection from Chester’s current body of work—A Portrait of Anonymity—features his portfolios on the Venetian Carnival and Whirling Dervishes. They beg the question—“Who are we? How do we alter persona and conceal our true identity?” Centuries-old masks, rituals and dance allow the viewer into a world of possibilities.