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Online Artist Talk and Book Launch:
Ginger Chih
Thursday, June 15, 4:00 – 5:00pm PST
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Please join us for this inspiring virtual talk and book launch with Ginger Chih, photographer and author of The Dalai Lama: Leadership and the Power of Compassion, as she crafts an intricate tapestry of the Tibetan diaspora, finely woven through accounts from the Dalai Lama’s life, the everyday lives of the Tibetan people, and the insights of a leadership coach. She will talk about her decade long journey documenting the Tibetan diaspora in India and in Nepal, including her month long documentation of the Dalai Lama.

Ginger Chih has been documenting her worldwide life and travels for over four decades. She was born in Beijing, China, to a Chinese father and a mother who is half Japanese and half indigenous Chinese. At the age of three, her family fled China, settling in Japan, then the United States, and later the United Kingdom.

Ginger started her photography career in New York City with a focus on multiculturalism. She collaborated on a book, A Place Called Chinese America, that tells the story of Chinese immigrant history.

In her professional life, Ginger worked as a management consultant and executive coach in the USA, Asia, and Europe from 1988. She holds an MBA from New York University’s and a Ph.D. from Cambridge University. As an executive coach, she found that integrating the teachings of the Dalai Lama resulted in more harmonious workplace relationships and deeper understanding of cultural differences.

As a student of Tibetan Buddhist teachings and its meditative practices, she applied her skills as a photographer to document the Tibetan Diaspora and its preservation of cultural and national identity in exile. Over the past ten years, Ginger has photographed her numerous visits to over two dozen Tibetan refugee communities in India and Nepal. Ginger has taken photographs of various aspects of the Tibetan community, showing day-to-day life with residents in educational, religious, and cultural activities. She has an ability to draw out people’s stories which she has incorporated into her narrative. This is her gift to the Tibetan community and her way to express appreciation by preserving and sharing its culture.

The Dalai Lama has taken a special interest in this project and granted access to his archival photos and private living areas. Those who read her book and see her photographs will have a first-hand experience of the sights and sounds of Tibetan culture in exile.

To learn more about Ginger, please visit her website.  >

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