Aggie Pagnillo

Behind the Camera

My passion for photography didn’t start with a camera in my hands.  It began while flipping through the pages of the yellow trimmed National Geographic magazines that arrived at our home every month.  When my friends were getting lost in books from a reading list for school, I was looking up small cities and countries in the World Atlas on our living room coffee table.  With my first SLR camera in hand (Pentax ME Super SE) it felt as if I could be transported anywhere in the world. After taking a Best in Show award in a snapshot photo contest though our local newspaper (The Las Vegas Review Journal) and subsequently winning a Special Merit award from KINSA (Kodak International Newspaper Snapshot Award) I knew making images would be part of my life forever. A lot of life has happened in the thirty plus years between buying that first camera and writing this introduction.  I hope you enjoy the images created over the last several years, particularly my two magical trips to Africa.

Artist’s Statement

Equipment:  own – Sony a99ii, Sony a77ii, Sony a77v, Sony-G SSM 500mm/f4, Sony-G SSM 70-400mm/f4-5.6, Sony-Zeiss 24-70mm/f2.8, Sony-Zeiss 16-35mm/f2.8, Sony 50mm/f2.8 Macro; Sony a100 w/18-70mm kit lens – converted to infrared by LifePixel.