Alexis Gerard

Artist’s Website

Alexis Gerard is an independent photographer and an imaging futurist. He founded Future Image Inc. in 1991, was President and Executive Director of the Digital Imaging Group from 1997 to 1998, and co-authored the book “Going Visual” which was published in 2005. His photography has been included in exhibitions in California, Vermont and Spain, and published by the National Geographic Society, The Velvet Cell, and Focal Press as well as numerous print and Internet magazines. Gerard lives and works in San Mateo, California, and is represented by Farmboy Fine Arts, Vancouver (Canada).

Artist’s Statement

Dismissing most of what we see as “ordinary” and therefore unworthy of attention is a fallacy that robs us of the full experience of being alive. Photography for me is an exercise in perceiving without labels or preconceptions, discarding any intent beyond those of simply being open to the joy of seeing, and of conveying that joy to the best of my ability.