Australian born and residing in Carmel, California; Alli Wood is a progressive female photographer and gallery owner of Oficino Uno. Since a young age she has been interested in the arts; drawing, photography and drama. At thirteen she was gifted her grandfather’s 35mm camera, it was also the year her school offered photography and thus began her fascination with the darkroom process.  Excitement grew with each developed photograph. During her twenties she traveled to over 30 countries and c keen eye for photographing beautiful images. When she landed in the USA she honed her skills by photographing girls she met randomly at the bus stop or grocery store. Working together with the model they  bring out the beauty sometimes hidden from view of the passerby. She worked for a fine art photography gallery and met Ruth Bernhard, this meeting encouraged her to shoot more fine art nudes and inspired her to pursue a full time career in the field.

Alli loves to capture the female form in a classic way with a fashion blend using her twin lens Rolleiflex. Her hand printed photographs emit a vintage feel and her images have been made reference as memories of Steiglitz, Horst, and Bravo.

Artist’s Statement