Alyce Bender

Often the solo adventuress, Alyce Bender roams the globe, exploring Earth’s natural beauty. Her images have been featured in galleries from New York to Las Vegas, while her work as an international artist has been acknowledged from Japan to the U.K.

Bender is happiest in the field and passionate about sharing unique animals and environments from around the world in hopes of connecting people to the planet through imagery. She believes that connection is key to promoting environmental awareness and protecting vulnerable species and their habitats.

When she isn’t leading tours or teaching classes, she writes location guides and blogs about her adventures which can be found on her website.

Artist’s Statement

Lately, my work has transformed into a study of the abstract and impressionistic environment. So many landscapes throughout our lives pass in a blur. For most, our daily interaction with nature is from some sort of transportation, passing us in blocks of colors, textures, and lines; leaving us with impressions, not details. To further the conversation of what these landscapes mean to us, why they should be preserved, I have chosen to try shifting the consciousness by visually shifting the landscapes. My hope is that by creating these abstract, impressionistic images, it brings the viewer to a standstill where, as they contemplate the image, they can focus on the subject more fully.