Annette LeMay Burke

Annette LeMay Burke is a Northern California native who currently lives in the heart of Silicon Valley. Her latest project, Fauxliage, explores how technology is idiosyncratically modifying our environment.

She has a background in earth science, tech, and design, which influences her work today. Her images have a strong graphical aesthetic, often with clean lines and vibrant colors. She examines themes of solitude and introspection, how we interact with the natural world, and patterns and processes created by man and nature.

Annette’s Cuba photos were chosen by Santa Fe Workshops for their 2013 Fall Catalog cover and advertising campaigns. Her prints have been shown in group shows throughout the US.

Artist’s Statement

My project, Fauxliage, documents the disguised cell towers in the American West. I was initially drawn to their whimsical appearance, then felt disconcerted by how this technology was clandestinely modifying our environment.

In recent years, a strange array of palms, evergreens, flagpoles, and crosses have been growing in my area. The trees and pillars are not what they appear to be; they are a ruse. I explore how this manufactured nature is creating a newly accepted aesthetic in our neighborhoods. My photographs expose the towers’ idiosyncratic disguises and highlight the variety of forms.