Arthur Meehan

Arthur Meehan was born in 1968 in New Jersey (USA) and studied at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, New York City, widely regarded as one of the leading art schools in the United States.

Two of his favorite artists are sculptor Rodin and the photographer Edward Weston. Arthur is inspired by pure beauty and without ornaments. He likes to photograph women as they are naturally. His images are sweet and beautiful. Some of his early photographs are produced with an old Polaroid 195 camera and black and white films that are no longer available. He now uses various film cameras and whatever film is available. His images are then developed by hand in high quality. He likes simple and direct images and is interested in showcasing the beauty first without artifice.

What characterizes the Lith print is usually its tone, but it can also have more grain and contrast in its appearance. The process is extremely random; it requires a specific paper and a particular developer that give intensity to the prints.  The exposure time is very long and the revelation time is very slow. The photographer must gauge the precise moment when to remove the paper out of the developer to obtain the desired image. Unlike conventional printing, each print is random and requires long hours in the darkroom and many tests to achieve the desired result.

Arthur Meehan works between London, Belgium, and New York.

Artist’s Statement

My life and work are one and the same.
Neither follow movements or expectation
But follow a path informed by each
Previous step.
All of my images have a feeling of having been
Sculpted from the shadows as I work my way
With few tools and light to an honest image.
I do not use titles for my work, as I want the viewer
to experience their own interpretation of the image.
My journey is through my heart and what I learn
Along the way is presented to the viewer in
Emotional and raw picture spaces.