Barbara Hazen

In 2011 Barbara Hazen left a successful path as a pastry chef and entrepreneur in the food industry, and put her creative talents into her long time hobby, photography. The following are awards and exhibits since that time.

  • 2011-COLOR Magazine-Single Image Contest –Emerging, 2006,Pool Series
  • 2011-The Art of Photography photo contest, San Diego, CA – exhibited Varans and Stephen Schwartz, 2011, Grant Street series
  • 2011-Photo Alliance, San Francisco, CA for ‘You Look Familiar’ – exhibited selections from the Grant Street series
  • 2011-Focus Gallery, San Francisco, CA – exhibited Grant Street series
  • 2011-Mill Valley Arts Commission, Mill Valley, CA – exhibited Grant Street series
  • 2011-The Image Flow – exhibited Pocket Watch #1, 2011 from the Time Piece series
  • 2012-The Image Flow – exhibited Time Piece series
  • 2012-Edible Marin – Cover photo for December issue, Ornament On Tree Branch
  • 2013-Cabana Home –Selections from Time Piece series
  • 2014-Cabana Home – Perfectly Imperfect series
  • 2015-MOS at Mill Valley Chamber of Commerce, Selection from Perfectly Imperfect, Time Piece and Grant Street
  • 2015-Cover Photo, Art & Beyond Nude Special 2015
  • 2016-APA San Francisco, Group Show, selections form Genuine Beauty
  • 2016-The Image Flow, Group Show, selections form Genuine Beauty
  • 2017-LightBox Gallery, Group Show, selections form Genuine Beauty

Artist’s Statement


“Beauty is rarely soft or consolatory. Quite the contrary. Genuine beauty is always quite alarming.” Donna Tartt

I see the human form is a living sculpture and landscape. With this series, I use the body to explore beauty through my imagination and lived experience. Viewed through the poetry of light, the female form is unique and mysterious, at times expressing empowerment or vulnerability.

These deliberately small, velvety prints emulate the hidden detail and subtle beauty of the mezzotint printing process. The images’ darkness draws the viewer in for deeper consideration oscillating between expectation and revelation.