Chad Ziemendorf

Chad grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and chased big-league baseball dreams since he was 7 years old. In 2003 he was drafted by the Cincinnati Reds and played baseball professionally in their minor-league system for 3 years.

Injuries kept him from progressing to the MLB, so he shifted his focus toward photography, but continues to chase big-league dreams with a camera.

From 2009-2012 he focused on photojournalism and was a regular freelancer for the San Francisco Chronicle, Reuters, The Registry Real Estate Journal and shot a number of assignments for national publications like Bike, Powder, Wines & Vines and Decanter UK.

From 2012-2014 he concentrated on architecture and was honored to document the marquis office projects in San Francisco and Silicon Valley including Twitter, Box, HP, Western Union, Dell and many downtown high rise buildings for commercial real estate brokers and developers.

Chad moved with his family to the wide open spaces of North Dakota in 2014 and created Intersection Journal, a personal project that captured authentic visual stories in Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and South Dakota, with the help of a successful Kickstarter campaign and continues to pursue new engaging ways to tell authentic stories about the Middle of Everywhere.

Now based in Nashville, TN, Chad travels nation-wide to help industrial, agricultural and corporate clients present themselves in the most authentic and elegant way possible. Chad continues to apply his documentary photography skills to every assignment ensuring that the deeper narrative is revealed in any setting.

Artist’s Statement

My work, like my life, has been a journey of contrasts.  The seemingly unrelated worlds of professional baseball and professional photography mirror each other in beautiful ways. Elite athletics requires an unyielding grit and determination to push your physical limits; elite photography demands the same mental fortitude, but in pursuit of something more vulnerable and interpretive.  While I’ve been fortunate to speak the language of high achievement, I care deeply about the details of the people and places that I photograph and approach each new assignment with a humble desire to learn and absorb.  The images I create are equal parts raw and delicate, honest and aspirational.  I think of them as visual dot-dot-dots and exclamation points.

Many of my images explore the idea of motion, be it actual or perceived.  More specifically, I consider the overwhelming culmination of multiple sources of motion in a single instant: physical motion, digital motion, the motion of information, the motion of constant progress and the motion of ambition.

Unscheduled, spontaneous moments of recreation seem few and far between in our over-informed and over connected world.  I create images that offer a sense of pause or respite in hopes that the viewer has a chance to catch their breath, if only for a few seconds, before returning to their itinerary of deadlines and responsibilities.