Chuck Potter

Chuck’s photographic career has traveled more than a few paths over his lifetime. A native of Los Angeles, he began his career as a photojournalist in the late 1970’s, then attending Art Center College of Design where he received his BFA in Photography. After graduation he established his freelance editorial/corporate studio in Los Angeles for ten years.  

Keeping a freelance studio running in a large photography market was no easy task, with marketing and self promotion taking a substantial amount of time. With this came a shift in his career, moving into the world of multimedia development. Digital photography was just coming into the marketplace, but at that time a 12 megapixel sensor was cutting edge and low quality compared to analog photography, it held little interest. He left photography behind for the next 12 years to become a multimedia developer and video producer.  

Moving to the Bay Area in 1998, Chuck worked for several Silicon Valley companies (E*Trade, HP, VMware) and while working as a video producer, his background as a photographer was also called into service. This would also ignite his creative photographic eye and would establish Chuck Potter Photography in Soquel, California in 2017.

Artist’s Statement

Never seeing the world in any one particular way, I have been drawn to images sometimes very formal, structured and measured and at times seeing the obscure and out of place. Portraits that achieve their objective to record a person in time, but then reveal a side of the subject not often seen, or landscapes of places often overlooked that catch the corner of my eye in their simplicity or quietness.

While exploring a location known for wildlife, I find more expression in photographing power lines crossing the landscape. My eye gravitates to the reverse of what is expected and looks for those compositions that are not intended, but rather those elements of the less observed and overlooked.