Craig Lovell

Craig’s 45 years as a working photographer has inspired him to explore a diverse range of photographic subjects including indigenous cultures, jazz, landscapes, and the human figure. He works in both black and white and color choosing the medium which best suits the subject and his artistic goals. Recent work has incorporated the use of multi-imagery empowered by the ever-expanding possibilities of digital photography.

His love of exploration and indigenous cultures has inspired him to create images from 35 countries with an emphasis on Tibet, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. Capturing authentic and artistic images of the various cultures he encounters along with the landscape and environment they live in, has become a lifelong passion. His images have graced the pages of hundreds of books, calendars, magazines, brochures, and websites. As the world has changed dramatically since he first picked up a camera, much of his early work is now historical.

Craig graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography in 1980 with a degree in advertising photography and photojournalism. He then started Eagle Visions Photography. Along with his advertising work and travel work, he is an official photographer for the Monterey Jazz Festival. His extensive collection of jazz images is shown on his website.

His most recent body of work, Magic & Mystery in Mexico, was exhibited at the Del Mesa Carmel Gallery in February/March 2023. His exhibition Tibet in Transition was displayed at the Marjorie Evans Gallery, Carmel 2010. Vanishing Cultures of the Tibetan Plateau was displayed at the Pacific Grove Art Center in 2000. His show Into Africa was shown at the Carmel Valley Manor, 1998 and the Avery Art Gallery, Seaside 1997. Faces of Asia was on display at the Pacific Grove Art Center and the Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center, Portland Oregon, 1989. He has won numerous awards including best of show at the Carmel Art Festival.

Craig has also produced an educational film titled Jerry Uelsmann: Post Visualization and the Creative Process. Uelsmann, a contemporary of Ansel Adams, is considered the grandmaster of analog multi-image photography and worked exclusively in black and white. Here is a link to the film. >

Artist’s Statement

Magic & Mystery in Mexico is Craig Lovell’s latest portfolio of images. Craig and his wife Christine owned a home in San Miguel de Allende for 16 years and during that period he extensively photographed many cultural events such as Day of the Dead, Semana Santa (Easter week) and San Miguel de Archangel Day when dozens of indigenous tribes’ dance through the streets. This series uses photomontage techniques to bring to life the Mexican people’s connection with the spirit world and their ancestry. The culture of Mexico is a complex mixture of Indigenous beliefs combined with Spanish heritage. This series captures the magic and mystery that abounds in this amazing country.

Another portfolio, Figurative Dreams, combines photographs of the human form with imagery of art and landscape. Lovell imagines the internal dream world of his subjects and the viewer completes the process with clues provided by the visual symbols.

Lovell’s travels have taken him to over 35 countries on the continents of Africa, Asia, Central America, and South America. His extensive travels in Tibet, Nepal and Southeast Asia have produced imagery that is now historical in an ever-changing world. His work captures the heart and soul of the people. He often photographs in black and white, working with light and shadow to focus on authentic human emotions. It is Craig’s hope that through presenting our common humanity through his imagery, he can contribute to a world of peaceful coexistence and appreciation of our diversity. Craig is currently working on a book titled Endangered Cultures of the Tibetan Plateau.