Diana Rebman

Diana Rebman is an award winning wildlife photographer.  Her photos have been displayed in the Museum of Natural History in London, the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC, as well as many venues in the Northern California area.  Her photo Twin Hope (AKA Mountain Gorilla with Twins), as part of a touring exhibit, won rave reviews around the world.  It is owned by private collectors in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, and South America.
Diana has always been an animal advocate.  In 2006, armed with a point and shoot digital camera, she discovered her passion for photography  when she spent several days in Japan observing and photographing Snow Monkeys in hot springs.  This passion has blossomed into a second career.  She now travels to remote locations around the globe, photographing rare and endangered species.
Her photos provide the viewer with an intimate look at the daily lives of wildlife.  She strives to capture displays of love, play, cooperation, fear, and anger which can be witnessed in all species.  By encouraging an emotional connection between the viewer and the animal, she hopes to awaken a concern for the survival of these endangered species as well as an understanding that all animals are sentient beings.
A portion of all sales are donated to animal advocacy and conservation groups.