Fretta Cravens

Fretta Cravens is an internationally known Portland Oregon Fine Art Photographer and Artist. Her love for nature, art, and beauty was instilled in her at a young age, as she grew up playing in  fields of wildflowers in Oklahoma and Texas while experiencing her Grandmother Mae’s continuous stream of creativity. Her love for photography began when she was allowed to experiment with her father’s camera in the 60’s .At university she majored in photography and drawing along with minoring in psychology and art history.

She has a long term personal series “Timeless Engagement” that explores  how the personalities and beauty of flora relates to the human experience. The portfolio has been  exhibited throughout the United States in galleries and arts festivals.  It is now in private collections on both coast lines.

Her international gallery debut was at the “2021 Barcelona Foto Biennale ”curated by FotoNosrtum, Mediterranean House of Photography, Barcelona Spain. In 2022 she was honored to be a side gallery photographer  with “Timeless Engagement,” during the “Helmut Newton: Private Property” exhibition at  FotoNosrtum. Her work will be back on display in FotoNostrum this fall during the “Julia Margaret Cameron and 17 Pollux Awards Exhibition”. 

In February of 2022 she was a featured photographer in the international publication FOTONOSTRUM Magazine, Volume 24. Later in spring of 2022 she was a selected artist in Women, a Diversia Magazine by Biafarin. Her work will be published in The Book of Arts: Plantarium 2022.

Fretta is represented at Portland Art Museum Rental Sales Gallery, Portland, Oregon.

Artist’s Statement

My portfolio “Timeless Engagement” is a response to a world that is sometimes filled with chaos and ugliness. I use a high end flatbed scanner to capture the time and space of botanicals. The scanner’s magnification output and camera allows for the unseen beauty of the flora that surrounds us to be viewed, inviting each viewer to become more fully engaged with their senses. Subtly confrontational, details are revealed, and a dialogue begins.

In participating with the images I want the viewer to envisage that flowers are beautiful like humans; humans are beautiful like flowers. Diversity is everywhere; diversity is needed. Each flower and leaf has a story to tell just like all humans.This portfolio has three sections, Flower Landscapes,Flower Compositions  and Flower Individuals because when creating I let the flowers lead the way. The Flower Landscapes are about how flowers interact with each other to create a conversation. Flower Compositions are about the collective effort. They have large main flowers but they need the support of tiny flora. Flower Individuals are about isolating single pieces of nature allowing them to shine on their own,reflecting a similar need in humans.