Ginger started her photography career in New York City focussing on documenting multi-culturalism. She collaborated on a book, A Place Called Chinese America that documents the Chinese immigrant history and contribution to America.

Ginger brings a cross-cultural perspective to whatever she does. Born of Chinese/Japanese parentage in China, she grew up in Japan and attended universities in Japan, the USA and the UK. She believes diversity enriches the world and encourages such beliefs in her parallel career as an executive coach.

She is passionately committed to documenting the plight of the Tibetan diaspora. Shaped by her own personal experience of being a refugee, she has photographed the Tibetans in exile in India, Nepal, Europe and the USA. Currently, she is working on a photography essay about her encounter with Tibetans, their leader, the Dalai Lama, and the actions they have taken to preserve their culture. Her work has been shown in Chester, England, New York City and in Berkeley, California.

Artist’s Statement

I was very fortunate to have been mentored by Morley Baer. He saw in my photographs what I didn’t and helped me articulate my photographic voice.

Photography for me is an important tool not just to document but also to decode the world. I move into a landscape and isolate the essence of the situation or the person, then try to capture this essence on film and digitally. Almost unconsciously, I go into a meditative state, releasing my intellect. Clicking the shutter is an instinctive motion merging myself with my subject for a split second.